TheraGun G2PRO

  • $3,998 HKD

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Professional grade percussion therapy device providing a deep percussive massage to reduce muscle and joint pain, improve mobility, and enhance performance.

How Does It Help

Definition: Amplitude is the distance the AmpBIT travels during its revolution.

Think about it like this: treatment from the G2PRO™ is likened to a deep tissue massage. To break up knots and work on muscles, a deep tissue massage would be more effective than a Swedish massage because it works deeper in the muscle. The TheraGun’s amplitude achieves the same thing as a deep tissue massage, but with less pain or pressure because the speed (frequency) of the G2PRO™ overrides the pain signals in the brain. The unique combination of the G2PRO’s™ amplitude and frequency makes it a more effective device than a consumer massager and other vibration therapy devices.

Using Your G2PRO for the First Time

Start your G2PRO™ before making contact with the body. Slowly apply light pressure and move the G2PRO™ across the body 60-90 seconds per body part. A full body session should not exceed 15 minutes. Treat yourself 2-3 times per day. You should not use the G2PRO™ on your head, open wounds, or genital area.


Rapid Muscle


Breaks Up
Scar Tissue


Deluxe Protective Carrying Case
Lithium-ion Charger
Two (2x) Rechargeable LithiumTech Batteries

AmpBITs Carrying Case


Cone Small muscle groups (e.g., feet and wrist) and trigger points
Dampener Bone and sensitive areas
Standard Ball General use
Large Ball Large muscle groups (e.g., quads, glutes and extreme muscle groups) and joint soreness

A revolution in muscle pain relief and an essential tool in recovery

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