WAA Ultrabag 10L

  • $999 HKD

Exclusive functions

  • 270 ° opening - Highly resistant closure that allowed to see and access to all the bag's content .
  • Rectangular -All emergency units have understood, fire rescuers at sea or in the mountains , only the rectangular shape allows easy access, quick and rational storage.
  • Location for water pocket - Pocket exclusively designed to accommodate the water bladder, easily accessible and isolated from the rest of the bag to avoid the wetting risk in the bag when filling the water reservoir (capacity 1.5 or 2.5 L) .
  • Interior, removable and waterproof pocket - Clipped top of the main compartment of the bag, this bag can store a rainsuit and prevent it from soak the bag content. Its top position allows a better load balance.
  • Sticks Storage - All types of sticks can fall into this stick holder: single-stranded, foldable 2 , 3, 4 strands, extension, and thanks to the double opening to slide sticks handles or L washers.

Comfort without compromise

  • Adaptable to all morphologies - The L and airy strapless fit all body types . Tested with apporbation of runners from 45 kg to 120 kg .
  • A rail to move the chest strap according to his chest.
  • Detachable Belt - The first bag, the waist belt can fully unclip ! Without compromising stability , it allows further ease a little bag and use it more easily everyday.
  • Bag and accessories featherweight - Each fabric , each attachment system , each item must be as light as possible without sacrificing strength.


Weight: 450 G
Capacity: 10 L
Dimensions ( H × W × D ): 42 × 26 × 7 cm

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