Gone Runners Corporate Program

What is the gone runners corporate program?

Wellness is an increasingly large part of the agenda in many companies. Having fit and healthy employees makes for a more productive environment.

The gone runners corporate program brings together a menu of activities that can be tailored to support your program. This is a representative list of what we can bring together for you and depending on your time and budget we can include more or less to give you exactly what you need for a great experience!.

    HOW TO RUN SESSIONS; We all think we can run but do we know how to run properly to improve efficiency and prevent injury?. Fan Sui Ping (JoeJoe) is one of Hong Kong's leading road runners having represented Hong Kong for many years as part of the Elite running team. Voted HKAAA Athlete of the year in 2008 with a marathon pb of 2:48. JoeJoe will help your team learn what makes for good form and how to stretch correctly. These sessions can be done in house and/or during dedicated training sessions with your company team. 

    TAILORED TRAINING PROGRAMS; Whatever the target event, we can help your team develop a safe and suitable program for training ;  

    • HALF/ FULL MARATHON TRAINING. We have programs available for your team whether Beginners, Developers and Advanced runners planning to compete in a targeted event.
    • 5K/10K TRAINING. We can also create 5K/10K programs too. Often, the first step for many people is just to get out and be part of a team to complete a 5k or a 10k race. We show you how to approach this carefully, whatever the standard of the people in your team. 
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    Our training programs are designed by Chris Wardlaw, 2 time Australian Olympian and Head Coach to the Australian Olympic Marathon Team at 2000 Sydney Olympics and the Australian Track and Field Team Coach for the World Championships in 1999. Has a Marathon, 10,000m, and 5,000m PBs of 2:11:55, 28:15:6, and 13:34:2 respectively.  Chris has been a personal coach to a large number of male and female middle and long distance runners over the last 30 years. His most famous pupil is Steve Moneghetti, whose career included No.1 ranking in the marathon in 1994, PR 2:08:13 and Commonwealth Marathon Gold 1994, Silver 1990 and Bronze 1986. 

    NUTRITIONAL ADVICE; It is so important for overall well-being to think carefully about nutrition. Over the years we have accumulated a lot of experience as to what works well with your training and in the race itself. This knowledge applies equally to before, during and after any exercise activity. Having the right nutrition is often the make or break for good performance as well as helping quick recovery. We help your team understand how this indeed works and design a program which works for you. We have access to a broad range of nutritional products which we have all tried and tested ourselves.  

    DEDICATED ONLINE PORTAL. We set up a dedicated page for your company team where they can access all the resources we have agreed to build into your program. Training programs, training  sessions, specific offers on equipment or nutrition and the online chat line  

    CHAT LINE.  As  corporate gone runners,  your team will have access to a online chatline. Normally one or more of our experienced runners are available, all of them with a wealth of training experience to share thoughts with. When we are not online there is the facility to send an email with questions and we will answer as soon as possible.

    ACCESS TO PHYSIO ADVICE AND HELP. We partner with Joint Dynamics in the the gone runners corporate program to deliver a range of services which we can build into the program.

    Body Analysis - Running Gait, VO2max, Body Composition
    Massagefor recovery and relaxation
    Physiotherapy - Assessment, Prevention, Treatment and Rehab
    Stretch Therapy - Failure-Free Fitness
    Personal weights and mobility training 

      SOCIAL ACTIVITIES. You may feel confident to arrange this yourselves but we can incorporate social activities around training sessions which really helps with team motivation. Just let us know what works in your company culture and we can include that as part of the program. 

      SPECIAL OFFERS ON KIT. We know you need the best kit. We not only advise you on the best shoes, apparel and nutrition but as a corporate gone runner, we can create specific team kit at attractive prices. Nothing better to build a true team spirit.