Bocadillo Luchos Dillitos Guava Paste Bars

  • $150 HKD

Natural sports nutrition from Colombia

Lucho Dillitos are Colombia’s original energy bar, they are natural sports nutrition. Lucho Dillitos are bars and gels rolled in to one, a thick guava paste that is solid and dry to the touch but that melts in your mouth without lots of chewing. Each block contains 30g of carbs and is a practical way of getting that all important energy boost, they are S, stash easily in pockets, don’t melt or don’t stick together.

They are a natural product that does justice to the endless hours of hard work endurance athletes put in. This is real food. The ingredients are 100% natural. No additives, no preservatives, and nothing man-made, and that includes the individual packaging. Lucho Dillitos are wrapped in a dry leaf, a natural and biodegradable wrapper which unlike the plastic used to wrap most bars and gels will leave no trace at the side of the road.

The main ingredient of Lucho Dillitos is Guava, considered by many a super-fruit, packed with vitamins and minerals as well as being a great source of energy with 30 grams of carbs.

If you are looking for a tasty alternative to modern sports nutrition you have found it - Luchos Dillitos!

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