Green Spring SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kit (Colloidal Gold) 新冠狀病毒抗原快速檢測套裝

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      SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test Kit (Colloidal Gold) 新型冠狀病毒抗原檢測劑 

      👍🏻Rapid test with results after 15-20mins 快速測試,15至20分鐘可知結果
      👍🏻Individual Packaging 獨立套裝
      👍🏻Specificity 準確度  up to 100% 
      👍🏻Sensitivity 特異度 up to 96.8%

      Operation Guide檢測步驟如下:

      (Read instruction carefully before using 詳細請參閱說明書)

      1. Swab gently in your nose and throat to take sample. 輕輕插入鼻腔或喉嚨取樣 

      2. Insert the sample into the 0.5ml tube, rotate the swab for several times (Not less than 6 times) during the process and place it for ONE minute. 樣本插入試劑 攪拌不少於6次並靜置1分鐘

      3. Drop 3 drops of the sample in the test kit. 將樣本試劑滴3滴落測試劑

      4. Wait for 15-20mins (Not less than 15mins/ exceed 20mins). 靜待15-20分鐘 (不能少於15分鐘/ 不能多於20分鐘)


      Made in China 中國製造

      Validity of the Test Kit: 12months. 有效期12個月


      Precautions 注意事項:

      ⚠️The test result is NOT applicable to Health Code application or other related travel application.測試結果不適用於健康碼申請或其他相關旅遊申請

      ️⚠️The Rapid Test is NOT applicable to Compulsory test result. 快速測試不能替代強制檢測結果

      ️⚠️Users with positive test result should immediately seek medical attention for follow up arrangement. 快速測試呈陽性的市民應盡快到急症室,應及早聯絡衛生署跟進情況及了解安排

      Global Certificate or Selling Points 全球多國認可及銷售:  
      ✅ISO9001 認證證書  ISO9001 certification
      ✅CE certificate  認證 
      ✅Germany BfArM Approval of antigen tests for professional testing 德國 BfArM 批准抗原檢測用於專業  

      ✅Germany BfArM Approval of antigen tests for self-testing  德國 BfArM 批准用於自檢的抗原檢
      ✅Paul-Ehrlich-Institut certification PEI 認證證書 

      ✅On the EU common list & Mutual Recognition list 歐盟通用和互認清單 

      ✅Whitelist of Belgium 比利時白名單 

      ✅Whitelist of Austria 奧地利白名單 

      ✅Whitelist of Italy 意大利白名單 

      ✅Whitelist of Switzerland 瑞士白名單 

      ✅Registration Certificate of UK 英國註冊證書 

      ✅Cambodia Registration certificate 柬埔寨註冊證書 

      ✅EUA of Keny 肯亞 

      ✅Registration Certificate in Netherland 荷蘭註冊證 

      ✅Spanish Registration Certificate 西班牙註冊證 

      ✅Whitelist of Thailand 泰國白名單 

      ✅Free sales certificate in UNITED ARAB EMIRAT and SAUDI ARABIA 阿拉伯聯合大公國和沙烏地阿拉伯的自由銷售證明 

      ✅Self-test approval of MDA Malaysia 馬來西亞自測證 

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