Hydrapak UltraFlask 500ml

  • $159 HKD

Part of a complete line of ultra-light hydration solutions for every type of runner, the UltraFlask™ is perfect for vest pockets or hand use.


  • Soft material conforms to any pocket
  • Shrinks as you drink, reducing water sloshing
  • Use with or without tube, option to mount bite valve directly to cap
  • 42 mm sport cap with silicone bite-valve
  • Can be frozen or filled with warm water (max temp 140°F | 60°C)
  • 100% BPA and PVC Free
  • Durable, built for a lifetime of tough use, No-Leak™ Guarantee


  • CAPACITY: 500ml
  • WEIGHT: 37g
  • DIMENSIONS: 6.5 x 2.36 in (26.5 x 6 cm)
  • MATERIAL: 0.25 mm TPU, HDPE

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