Mountain King Trail Blaze Skyrunner Running Poles~

Mountain King Trail Blaze Skyrunner Running Poles~

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The Mountain King Skyrunner Carbon is the updated 'super-ultralight' version of Mountain Kings Trail Blaze Aluminium Poles - a pair of collapsible 4 Section ultra light trail poles, ideal for runners. The 100% carbon tube is made in North-East England

Mountain King Trail Blaze Skyrunner carbon trekking poles, from the British company Mountain King, are 100% carbon tube lightweight trekking poles for trail running. They are excellent for ultrarunning and mountain races steep hills, mountains or the like to maintain balance and for support.

The trekking poles are more stiff and stable due to the carbon construction which is preferable during long distance racing, have a carbide tip, and are foldable into four sections for a closed length of 32, 35 and 38 cm (110, 120 and 130 cm poles).

These trekking poles only weigh 103 grams for the 110 cm poles, 106 grams for the 120 cm poles and 109 cm for the 130 cm poles, which makes these trekking poles some of the most compact and lightweight carbon poles on the market for running. The poles have a wrist strap and airflow grip so you have an excellent grip.

The Mountain King Trail Blaze Skyrunning carbon trekking poles come in a solid bag and the poles are sold in pairs.


  • Lightweight and compact carbon poles
  • Carbide wear tip with protective cover
  • Wrist strap
  • Airflow grip
  • Mesh bag


  • Reduced weight on your hips and back by 7-11 kg per step
  • Uphill walking is made easier as your arms help support your upper body and give extra support to your legs
  • Down hill walking is less of a strain on the knees and long descents are less of a challenge
  • When crossing streams or boggy ground, Mountain King poles are used to judge depth and increase stability


  • Length 110cm, weight 103g
  • Length 115cm, weight 104g
  • Length 120cm, weight 106g
  • Length 125cm, weight 107g
  • Length 130cm, weight 109g
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