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      • Power to your body, Get energetic to your heart‼️
      • A new habit of 10 seconds a day for your health. This jelly drink "OREHA", which was developed for business owners and professional athletes who work non-stop, and who want to recover from fatigue quickly while maintaining a youthful and strong body, is said to be impressive!1 bottle of OREHA is All in One Jelly drink enough for✨Muscle Support
      • ✨Energy
      • ✨RecoveryIn particular, Runners ( Marathon, Trail runner, Triathlon) is very popular and highly rate.【The The secret of the Effect】
      • < Secret ① >
      • Extremely high amino acid content 8,353.8mg/PC
      • (OREHA has contains the highest amount of AMINO ACIDS among Japanese products.< Secret ② >
      • TC3000( The Collagen Peptide from Tuna Skin)
      • Joint research conducted with the University of Shizuok has verified that tuna collagen contains numerous branch-chain amino acids that are necessary for "Muscle protein synthesis".< Secret ③ >
      • Peptides are the Key to absorption.
      • The Collagen and Protein are not absorbed into the body unless they are in
      • "Peptide form".
      • "OREHA" uses Collagen and Protein in Peptide Form.< Secret ④ >
      • Good compatibility of Amino acids and Vitamin B.
      • Vitamin B helps amino acid metabolism.< Secret ⑤ >
      • Fe (Iron) contain
      • OREHA contain Fe(Iron), an intake for one day.
      • Supports performance degradation caused by Fe deficiency anemi due to sweating and hemolysis, which are likely to occur in runners.
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