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      A fabulous weekend of training, tips and camaraderie with Andy DuBois from Mile27, and The North Face elite runner Wong Ho Chung. A perfect way to get ready for the up and coming season and make sure your training is on point! 

      The full camp runs from 20-22 October 2017 and runners have the option to pick the package of days and accommodation that suits them. Each package includes:

      • 20% off Tailwind Nutrition at Gone Running!
      • A goodie bag worth over $200 from Gone Running!
      • 40% off 2XU in 2XU Flagship store
      • A RaceBase X Mile27 limited edition tee.

      Our coaches

      Andy DuBois

      Andy is one of Australia’s top Ultra-Coaches  with many elite runners from both Australia and around the world on his books. He brings a very scientific approach to training and is always ahead of the game in terms of the latest research as it applies to ultra running.   Understanding that ultra-running is more than just physical  he spends a lot of time really getting to know his clients so he can help develop the mental side of training without which great results aren’t possible.

      He doesn't just work with elites, and takes as much satisfaction helping athletes just make the cut-offs to finish races they barely  dreamt was possible.

      Wong Ho Chung

      Born in Guangzhou in Mainland China, Chung grew up in Hong Kong enjoying the outdoors and nature. As a child living in Kowloon, Chung was always a "wild boy" at heart and enjoyed going up into the mountains to make fire, climb trees, pick wild fruits, and catch insects everyday after school.   After graduating from secondary school, Chung became a Hong Kong fireman and after few years a Physical Fitness Instructor for the Fire Department.  Chung started running competitively in 2011, and has become a force on Hong Kong's highly competitive trail running scene.

      Andy has being working with Chung over the last two years which ties in with some of his best results. Some of his results include:

      13th at Marathon Des Sables (2017)
      1st at Garmin 100k (2017)
      11th at Vibram HK100 (2016)
      1st at The North Face 50km (2016)
      1st at Ultra Trail Tai Mo Shan YTF (2015)
      17th at Ultra-Trail Mt. Fuji (2015)



      Night Run - 60-90 minutes

      Tips for running at night
      Great for those without much night running experience

      Discussion - 30 minutes
      Night running in Ultras

      • How to run efficiently at night
      • Should you use caffeine and if so when and how much?
      • Coping with extreme fatigue, drowsiness
      • Should you take a power nap? If so, how long?
      • Role of nutrition in night sections


      Downhill Day - perfect for those wishing to improve their skills on downhills on anything from steep technical trails to more runnable nontechnical trails

      AM - 3-4 hour run taking in a number of different downhills
      Technique tips for each type of downhill and time to practise tips
      Each participant will be videoed


      Discussion 1
      Video review and downhill technique discussion - 90 minutes

      Running technique for downhills
      • long stride vs short strides
      • forefoot vs heel strike
      • poles vs no poles

      Training for Downhills
      How to train to improve your downhills

      Discussion 2
      Mental training seminar 60 minutes
      Most of us recognise mental strength is a critical part of ultra running yet few of us actively train the mind. This seminar present different mental training techniques and how they can be incorporated into your normal training.



      AM - Uphill and poles technique
      From steep uphills to runnable ones, how to use poles and most effective techniques without poles

      3-4 hour session taking in a mix different hills with a focus on uphill technique

      PM - Seminar Hill training 90 minutes
      How to improve your uphill speeds in races
      - what are the most effective uphill training sessions?

      • What intensity should you be working at - VO2 max, Lactate Threshold, Steady State?
      • hiking vs running hill repeats
      • Whats the optional time or distance for hill repeats ?
      • Should you include stairs?
      • how to train for big alpine climbs vs lots of shorter hills

      Uphill hiking technique discussion
      - should you have hands on knees or hips?
      - is leaning forward or keeping body upright more efficient?
      - longer strides or shorter strides?
      - when is hiking better than running and vice versa


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