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      Silver ion technology

      Silver ions are positively charged cations formed by the loss of one or more electrons by a silver atom.
      Such as Ag plus, Ag2 plus, Ag3 , etc.
      Usually in the form of aqueous solution, silver ions have oxidation,
      Often used in daily life for sterilization, etc.
      Is an inorganic natural mineral element, silver ion-treated fabric,
      Excellent hygiene, protection and fresh antibacterial results in everyday life and extreme conditions.

      Humans have known about the antibacterial effects of silver for centuries.
      In the past, silver coins were put in earthen cans to preserve milk and prevent deterioration.
      The addition of radon and ceramics to silver also provides antibacterial properties.
      Today our refrigerators are coated with a silver coating to meet hygienic standards.

      In the field of water purification,
      When the water contains 0.01 ppm, it can completely kill the bacteria in the water.
      Can maintain up to 90 days without breeding new plexus.

      Advantages of silver ions

      1. #1- Excellent water resistance and dry cleaning
        Due to the subtle structure of silver ions, it can be embedded in the fabric without crosslinking agents and adhesives, and silver ions are deposited in the gaps in the yarn, thus forming a permanent and powerful binding. Excellent water resistance and dry cleaning results without compromising moisture-absorbing sweats and feel. This is like the deposition of coal ash dust, even by adding detergent repeated cleaning can not be removed.
      2. #2- Can withstand high temperature washing
        It can withstand more than 100 washingsessions at 60 degrees C, which has been confirmed by independent testing bodies. Even textile sanitation can be carried out at 40 degrees C. Many textiles can only be washed at 40 degrees C (including other man-made cellulose fabrics). However, for bacteria, 40 degrees C is an ideal living environment. This temperature is the best temperature for bacteria to multiply, as is often the case when drying in poorly ventilated or high humidity rooms. When washing at 40 degrees C, silver ions give the fabric antibacterial and fresh effect, away from bacteria, so that consumers save money and energy.
      3. #3- Safe without side effects
        Silver ions control the bacteria entering the textile, avoiding the unpleasant degradation products caused by sweat. Other words:
        This product is safe and fresh without side effects! Good moisture absorption and sweating effect is comfortable and fresh indispensable conditions!
      4. #4- Does not affect natural balance
        Without affecting the natural balance of the skin, many antibacterial products migrate from the fabric to the skin and may affect the skin. The antibacterial effect of silver ions only occurs on clothing, not on the skin. Therefore, the silver ion finishing fabric resists the spread of harmful bacteria to health and does not affect the skin. However, consult a doctor if you have allergies before using it.
      5. #5- Does not produce resistance
        Does not form bacteria resistance, the active ingredient of the antimicrobial son in the tweezers, the bacteria of the bacteria on the surface of the product is quickly controlled. The triple rule prevents the bacteria from surviving. According to current data, the bacteria cannot use these three antibacterial principles, will not produce resistance.
      6. #6- SILVERPLUS
        Our silver ions are SILVERPLUS products with RUDOLF GROUP.



      Principle of silver ion antiseptic sterilization

      1. #1- The positively charged silver ions, when exposed to negatively charged microbial cells, are adsorbed to each other.
      2. #2- Silver ions pierce the cell’s appearance, destroy cell DNA and inhibit protein formation so that cells cannot metabolize and multiply until death, thus reaching the sterilization effect.
      3. #3- When the cells become inactive, the silver ions leave and continue to be antibacterial, with sustained antibacterial properties, without toxicity and side effects.

      The effect of silver ion antiseptic sterilization was confirmed in the experiment

      At very low concentrations, Ag+ can freely enter the cell membrane, destroy the bacterial cell membrane, and combine rapidly with thiopental enzymes in the body to reduce the activity of the enzyme to block biochemical synthesis capacity, and produce inhibition of net bacteria. And inorganic silver ions will not be lost, when the bacteria are eliminated silver ions will be released from the bacteria from the bacteria from the free, and continue to produce oxidation reaction with other organic bacteria to eliminate the bacteria again, the effect of the repeated production of net bacteria.

      According to the national standard GB/T 21866-2008 and HG/T 3950-2007,
      These include E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Crepella pneumoniae.
      The sterilization rate of 2 hours after silver ion treatment was 95%.
      For native species e. coli, drug-resistant E. coli, hemorrhagic E. coli,
      Both salmonella and chlorella can have 99.99% inhibition.


      Ag+ five-layer sports antibacterial mask

      The surface of the mask layer has penetrated silver ions, silver ions can effectively inhibit bacteria and resist bacterial growth,
      The filtration layer in the 2-5 layer can effectively resist PM2.5 and PM10 contaminants, also resist damage to the human body of bacteria and allergens.

      And in the three or four layers of position more use of activated carbon, can effectively filter air impurities, not easy to produce odor.
      Mask air layer material is highly elastic, mask in the nose and mouth on both sides of the position with exhalation valve device,
      The device has elastic gaskets that will be slightly lifted with air pressure when the exhalation is lifted, which accelerates the exhalation of the gas out,
      Keep the mask cool.
      We have 3 different of sizes to choose, suitable for different face type wear,
      Make it more comfortable to wear.

      Ag+ five-layer sports antibacterial Mask Nine Features

      1. #1- Five layers of protective structure, multi-layer blocking multiple peace of mind.
      2. #2- The silver ions of the surface can effectively antibacterial and eliminate bacteria and inhibit the growth of bacteria.
      3. #3- The filter layer effectively resists PM2.5 and PM10 contaminant bacteria and allergens.
      4. #4- In the three or four layers of position with activated carbon, can effectively filter air impurities, not easy to produce odor.
      5. #5- In the nasal mouth on both sides of the position is equipped with a live air valve device, so that the turbid air inside the mask discharges, can maintain the mask refreshing, and there is no feeling of suffocation.
      6. #6- Traditional mask long wear will also damage the back of the ear, redness pain, and our product version design according to the principle of mechanics, the mask force point concentrated in the tail end of the magic patch site, and wear more comfortable, long-wearing will not have pressure.
      7. #7- Mask is a veneer-style design, the surface inside and outside are permeated with silver ions, both inside and outside the anti-bacterial effect, and the position of the mask veneer can inhibit the growth of bacteria at the same time, double-sided protection.
      8. #8- The mask design is comfortable and simple, without affecting wearing a hat and glasses. And the mask design close to the face, even in the movement will not loosen off, eliminating the wearing process to adjust the position of the mask cumbersome, to avoid secondary pollution.
      9. #9- Mask surface can be recycled, more environmentally friendly, more economical, more secure.

      Cleaning masks and filter replacement


      After the use of the mask surface, please wash with clean water, or add a little disinfection cleaning liquid soaked for 5-10 minutes, and then clean water, blow dry can be recycled. (After cleaning about 70 times, silver ion protection antibacterial function can also be maintained 70%-80%)

      The filter layer is a loss- product, should not be cleaned, under normal circumstances, such as no odor can be recycled, when wearing smell odor, it is necessary to replace the new filter layer in time.

      When cleaning exhalation valve and white silicone gasket to separate, please wash with clean water, or add a bit of disinfection cleaning liquid soaked for 5-10 minutes, and then clean water, blow dry can be recycled. Silicone gasket is a loss product, such as the use of masks, the mask breathing unimpeded, proof that silicon film has been damaged, to replace the new silicone gasket in time.Our Ag+ sports antibacterial masks and all accessories are triple sterilized before shipment:
      Ultraviolet! Infrared! Ozone!
      More comprehensive protection of mask hygiene! Use with confidence!


      Antimicrobial Activity of Antimicrobial Agents Under Dynamic Contact condition




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