Spring Sports Nutrition - Mcraecovery (Vegan, Long Distance & Recovery)

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      Designed in collaboration with a professional runner, Sally McRae. Spring Energy McRaecovery is designed as fuel for ultra runners and crafted to speed up recovery after hard workouts.  

      McRaecovery is a well-balanced mixture of complex and simple carbohydrates providing constant energy for an extended athletic performance. The addition of fatty acids not only offers an alternative source of energy but also improves the physiology of your digestive system. Finely tuned acidity and osmotically active nutrients improve absorption and reduce gastrointestinal distress. It provides active ingredient helping with inflammation.  Most importantly all of these are achieved with a special selection of high-quality natural food products. Each sachet deliver 150 calories. 

      Basmati Rice, organic banana, organic pea protein, cherries, organic coconut oil, almonds, walnuts, cassava, maple syrup, dried cherries, Non-GMO lecithin, organic lemon juice, cocoa, sea salt, vitamin C, citric acid

      Made with Real Food

      Some endurance athletes achieve their extraordinary strength through the help of simple foods. We follow their steps providing products that are composed of only natural ingredients with minimal processing and no artificial components.

      No GI Problems

      Gastrointestinal (GI) problems are a common side effect when using traditional energy gels during athletic activity. Spring’s finely tuned acidity and osmotically active nutrients improve absorption and reduce gastrointestinal distress.

      Extended Energy Release

      Spring’s balanced composition of carbohydrates helps to succeed your effort without the negative effects of sugar and/or maltodextrin overload, which create harmful spikes and dips in the energy supply.

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