Lupine Piko Headlamp

  • $3,699 HKD

High Power Headlamp

The Piko headlamp has been completely redesigned. It is simply better at everything. It is more powerful and lights efficiently thanks to newly developed optics. Above all, the peripheral illumination, as well as the range, was significantly improved. It is here - a new generation Piko that is better by every standard.

The back light function of Lupine SmartCore batteries increases your safety, getting you some notice.


The Piko Headlamp also got the best test results and reviews in magazines all over the world.

Specifications for Piko X Duo SC with 3.3Ah & 2.0Ah Battery

Specifications for Piko Duo with 2 x 2.0 Ah SmartCore Battery

  • Runtime at 15 W/ 1500 Lumens                                   2:00 Hour
  • Runtime at 7 W / 750 Lumens                                      4:00 Hours 
  • Runtime at 5 W / 550 Lumens                                      5:30 Hours
  • Runtime at 2.5 W / 300 Lumens                                 11:00 Hours 
  • Runtime at 1.2 W / 150 Lumens                                 25:00 Hours 
  • Runtime at 0.3 W / 40 Lumens                                   95:00 Hours
  • Weight:                                                                            180g
  • Charging time:                                                               3:20 Hours

Lupine represents quality made in Germany, for almost 25 years

All of their lights are developed and produced in Germany. Most components are produced in either Germany or in neighbouring countries that match their demands regarding quality and durability. Thereby they achieve a very high quality level and low defects rate.

All Lupine lights have a guarantee of two years.

Lupine Piko Headlamp has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 5 reviews.

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