For anyone interested in improving their trail or road running, we are pleased to recommend the following Gone Running partners. 

The GreenRace

TheGreenRace offer Hong Kong and Asia's best great trail courses, including their awesome MSIG Trail Running Series, with a focus on enjoying the outdoors sustainably with each of us doing our part. They also offer personalised running plans and training, fun runs, retreats and trail cleans across Asia and North America. Go to for more information.


Asia Trail Master

Asia Trail Master is an annual Championship series of 30 trail running races, which are open to the general public and focused on the Asian continent. Runners score ATM championship ranking points in each relevant race they finish. After the final event in December the runner with the most points scored in five races will be crowned as that year's Asia Trail Master Champion. In 2018 that honour went to Singapore-based Italian Alessandro Sherpa and Indonesia’s Ruth Theresia. 
In addition, persistent endurance runners can aim for the honorary title of Asia Trail Grandmaster by finishing 6 long distance (+70km) races within 2 calendar years. In Hong Kong, the 9 Dragons Ultra 50/50 stage race and 50 miles race offer ATM Championship points. 



RaceBase are a collective of passionate and experienced runners, united by a shared love for discovering and running races around the world. Given the explosion of Asian trail running events, it's becoming increasingly difficult to stand out, but RaceBase differentiate themselves with consistently high quality events that are accessible to all skill levels, with family and kid-friendly options and, going forward, several events focused solely on youth groups. Check them out at


Joint Dynamics

Joint Dynamics offer a multidisciplinary approach to injury rehab and personal training. We've found the team very knowledgeable and service-oriented, even receiving race recovery emails on Sundays. They also hold a weekly Power Run cross-training group class on Wednesdays, which is designed to improve strength and flexibility for runners. Find out more at 


Lloyd Belcher Visuals

Anyone who runs trails in Hong Kong will have heard of Lloyd Belcher, a very decent runner with finishes in mega-ultras Dragons Back and UTMF. However, Lloyd is much more famous for his stunning outdoor photography and his short films including "More than a Race" and "The Mira Rai Film". His work is first class technically, and has a real soulfulness that we love. We are happy to recommend him to anyone looking for commissioned work or a sports photography lesson!


Fat Bird Goes Ultra

We're big fans of Fat Bird Goes Ultra, but not just for the wicked name. Blogger Jeri Chua hails from Singapore but now calls Hong Kong home, and she's actually a gun ultra trail runner, having completed the Tor De Géants (330km, 24,000m D+) and UTMB (168km, 9,600m D+) as well as winning TNF Singapore and a bunch of other races she's too modest to talk about. We reckon Jeri's blog is an awesome fruity cocktail of Hong Kong trail adventures, running tips, and random goings on from around the world. Go to to get your weekly dose of Fat Bird!


Thailand Mountain Trails

Thailand Mountain Trail was started by French trail runner, Thailand Mountain Seb, in 2013. From a standing start, Seb has rediscovered and upgraded many overgrown ancient village trails around Chiang Mai and Chiang Dao, which form the backbone of some fabulous events like TGR1 and Queen of the Jungle. He works extensively with the local tribes and offers great trekking and trail running tours if you're ever visiting Chiang Mai.



Runners in hot tropical climates can rightly feel neglected by the big brands so it's great to see T8 take on the challenge of providing ultra lightweight, breathable, technical running gear. Their first product is the T8 Commando. It's running underwear designed by Ultrarunners. Ultralight. Supercool. Chafe-free. Check them out at


AMO Sunglasses

It's always nice to support local businesses and even better when the product or service is top notch. Tim and Fenny at AMO Sunglasses are aiming high ("we want to kick Oakley off the top spot") but it's no wonder given they have a great range of highly customisable multi-sports eyewear. Both are athletes themselves and this comes through in the smart functional design and quality materials used. We are proud to recommend them, and so are they, with a 14 day "no questions asked" returns policy!


Vlad Ixel

Australian Vlad Ixel has dominated the Hong Kong trail running scene since moving here in mid 2014. His results speak for themselves, including ultra wins in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Israel and, of course, Hong Kong. He is a dedicated vegan, a qualified personal trainer with a strong focus on the underlying science, and offers one-on-one training and group trail running clinics. Check him out at



PEEK Air Quality Monitors

We all love the outdoors, especially straight after the rains when the air cleans up and everything smells so fresh - but that run windows never lasts long in Hong Kong! For those that value clean air in their homes, PEEKair offer a great indoor pollution monitor for PM2.5 levels according to US EPA standards, and designed specifically for Hong Kong. These allow you to get the most out of your air purifiers, in terms of positioning, electricity bills and filter life. See