Trail Runners Association of Hong Kong Membership

The Trail Runners Association of Hong Kong (TRAHK) aims to serve the local trail running community. Our mission is to promote the interests of the sport of trail running and trail runners in Hong Kong.

Complete the Membership Enrolment Form and make payment at the bottom of this page to support TRAHK's work! Memberships are HK$100 for individuals and HK$200 for organisers (second form below). After you have clicked Register Me, please only click once and wait for your payment to be authorised.

Please note that your personal data will be used by TRAHK for membership purposes only, and will not be used by Gone Running. The page on the Gone Running website is an interim measure only, so that we can start taking memberships today, and TRAHK aims to move the membership application process to its own website as soon as possible.

Contact for more details.