Secondhand Gear Collection

If you're anything like us, you've got plenty of pre-loved running gear that has been usurped by the newest model but is still too good to throw away. It can be hard to find the time to locate a secondhand bin and then lug your gear there.

That's why we're introducing a free secondhand collection service for your old shoes, backpacks, handhelds and waist belts, head torches, clothes, anything running. We only ask that it's in trail worthy condition, and please be realistic!

Just drop into the Gone Running store and we'll do the rest. 

Where will your gear go? We will send it onto Richard Bull and the team at Trail Running Nepal who will distribute it to needy runners in Nepal. As Richard notes, "You know we always say running is great because barriers to entry are minimal - just a pair of shoes. However, a decent pair for trail costs US$120, which is more than the average monthly salary. Another practical problem is that trail running gear is not on sale here, so even if you have the money, there's nowhere to buy the stuff. So there is a chance to get more people running here and any equipment that was lying around in someone's cupboard would be used to the max, I'm sure.