Being a member of this club will bring you a range of benefits and our aim is to build a fun and supportive environment in which to help you achieve your very best. Whatever your aim !. 

Sign up and we will help you get connected to everything the club has to offer, including our "Kms for Beer" scheme. Scottie's brews (Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Beers) are waiting for you ! :-)


  • A MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION for HK$88 per month - less than a pint of beer! (we give you 50% off for the first 3 months, minimum of 3 months)


  • An ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION of HK$888 per year. This is a 16% saving of the full monthly subscription payment.


Please note.. all subscriptions are auto-renewal, you are able to cancel your subscription at anytime (except in the first 3 months of monthly membership) by clicking on "cancel membership" on your account. However paid subscriptions can not be refunded. 


      FIRST AND FOREMOST ... what we hope is you have a great time hanging out both online, and at the many sessions you can attend, with a group of like minded individuals. Running can be lonely but also immense fun if shared with a good group of people. Having somebody to run with, be pushed along by, share challenges and successes with, is a great motivator. 

      RUNNING MATES TO RUN AND CHAT WITH....  Its so much more fun to run with a group of folks both physically and online. As a Gone Runner  you have access to a dedicated chatline and of course we have our Facebook Page, Instagram and Whatsapp groups to interact with. We have a private group on STRAVA with a weekly mileage league table for some friendly competition. Great for getting some motivation and encouragement when you need to get out and do that training run.   


      Alongside that though we have a range of services available as follows;  

      DEALS ON RACE ENTRY. We have teamed up with a number of race organizers to bring you race entry discounts through 2019. The GreenRace and Lantau Base Camp provide club members with around 10-15% off a list of races and running retreats throughout the year. You can find races in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Thailand and Japan. We are also working on guaranteed entry places at some of the worlds leading marathons for 2019


       DEALS ON GEAR. As a club member, you will get exclusive discounts of around 10-15% off a range of great running stuff.. We know you need the best kit. So as a Gone Runner you will not only enjoy a range of exclusive offers but you will also have access to personalized advice on the best shoes, apparel and nutrition to suit your needs. We update and change this regularly so you will always have the advantage of hearing about our ranges and latest models before the rest of the public does. Right now we are focusing on road training so we have a great range of road shoes available at club prices. This is in addition to a shop wide 10% discount (some conditions apply) available after an annual minimum spend of 3000 hkd. 





      DEALS ON PHYSIO ADVICE AND HELPOur partners Joint Dynamics are supporting the Gone Runners by providing a range of services at club prices (typically around 15% off) including Sports-Massage, BodPod Analysis, Gait Analysis, VO2 Max Testing, Individual Strength training, and Running Dynamics. You can read more about these on the specific Joint Dynamics page. 


      TRAINING EVENTS. As a Gone Runner you will get priority booking at our Gone Running organised training sessions. This can be anything from Pole Training, Downhill Training, Nutritional advice, Headlight Testing sessions and many more.


      ACCESS TO OUR GROUP RUNS. Training alone can be boring, so we are organizing regular group runs on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, we can get you booked into a track sessions on Tuesday and a tempo session on Thursday. All key building blocks in your training program. 



      • HALF/ FULL MARATHON TRAINING. We have programs available for Beginners, Developers and Advanced. We have a dedicated page for each of the programs so you can read about these program.
      • 5K/10K TRAINING. We will also be bringing you 5K/10K racing programs too in the near future, suitable for beginners through to advanced runners. 
        (Photo credit : Getty Images)

        We begin by featuring training programs designed by Chris Wardlaw, 2 time Australian Olympian and Head Coach to the Australian Olympic Marathon Team at 2000 Sydney Olympics and the Australian Track and Field Team Coach for the World Championships in 1999. Has a Marathon, 10,000m, and 5,000m PBs of 2:11:55, 28:15:6, and 13:34:2 respectively.  Chris has been a personal coach to a large number of male and female middle and long distance runners over the last 30 years. His most famous pupil is Steve Moneghetti, whose career included No.1 ranking in the marathon in 1994, PR 2:08:13 and Commonwealth Marathon Gold 1994, Silver 1990 and Bronze 1986. 


        AN EXTENSIVE EVENTS CALENDAR. We have compiled one of the best running related events calendars covering almost all events happening over the next 6 months to 1 year. Obviously the near term is more detailed but we are constantly updating. This allows you to quickly find an event that will suit you and get signed up.  


        PARTICIPATION IN SOCIAL ACTIVITIES. Training is often a lonely pastime so from time to time we will organize social activities at subsidized rate or discount off events we organize as Gone Running or specifically for the Gone Runners. 

        We are always looking to bring our club members new services and they will continue to evolve .... keep checking our facebook pages and group postings for the latest information. 


        • HKAAA Membership support
        • Online training agenda capability
        • Exclusive Gone Runners kit 
        • .......


          CORPORATE PROGRAMS. We also design and deliver dedicated Corporate Programs to help your organisation with your Wellness Campaign. This can be anything from getting a dedicated training group together, workshop sessions on nutrition, diet, running technique, or a dedicated advice line for your team. Also, together with Joint Dynamics we can provide a range of physio services to keep you moving and in great shape. Contact us separately and we can design a program specifically for your organisation