AMO - MASK BLADE BLADE Professional Sunglasses

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Black Frame/Temple arms
  • Product Description

      You have selected the wide vision multi-purpose BLADE sports sunglass with the AMO unique interchangeable temple arms, a premium polycarbonate polarized and photochromic medium lens.
      This sunglass has the following features:

      • Incredibly wide field of vision with a single mask lens
      • Oversized big/wide single lens
      • The lens is polarized
      • The lens is medium photochromic changing in sunlight from grade (1) light to grade (3) medium dark
      • The lens has hydrophobic and anti fog lens coatings
      • The temple arms are interchangeable using AMO’s Fit-lock® system (2 temple arms provided)
      • The temple arms are compatible with AMO TRANSFORMER and SHIELD models so you can use the existing temple arms in BLADE model
      • The frame is made from Grilamid®TR-90
      • It has adjustable TPR® nose pieces
      • It has Hytrel® flexible temple arms
      • Compliant with European sunglass standards
      • It provides 100% UVA/UVB protection


      Meets EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

      Frames made from Grilamid TR90: lightweight, resistant to stress cracking and material fatigue and stand up well against UV exposure and extreme temperatures.

      Exceptionally lightweight, comfortable during long workouts.

      TPR® (thermoplastic rubber) fully adjustable soft-rubber nose pieces, adjustable in three dimensions: nose width, distance away from the face and height on the face. This means the sunglasses will fit perfectly, not slip down your nose and will not bounce on your face during exercise. TPR® gets stickier when exposed to heat and sweat, reducing slipping of the sunglasses on the nose.

      Hytrel® soft-rubber fully adjustable temple arms designed to be bent to shape and moulded to fit the head, significantly improving comfort and preventing rubbing and movement during exercise.

      Inter-changeable temple arms to alter the look and 'individualise’ your sunglasses

      Multiple lenses provided with AMO’s 'click-lock’® lens system.

      Hard wearing, durable, lightweight, matt black case

      Bullet shaped, extremely hard wearing, durable, matt silver case (heavier than the Sport Case)


      BLADE is a multi-purpose "wide field" sunglass as part of the AMO "Mask" Series. In this model, rather than having two separate lenses it has a single mask lens giving a greater field of vision than typical sport sunglasses. The lens size is also larger than most sport sunglasses giving the athlete a super wide field of vision greater impact resistance and UV protection.

      BLADE still combines the well known AMO features of comfort, adaptability, strength, using lightweight materials and interchangeable temple arms. These temple arms are compatible with the existing AMO Transformer and Shield Models (the temple arms use AMO’s ‘Fit-lock’ system). These features combine to create an ultimate high performance sports sunglasses for all sports and all lighting conditions.

      BLADE is a true “multi-purpose” sunglass and is suitable for runners, cyclists and triathletes. By using interchangeable temple arms, you can change your look for each workout. BLADE sunglasses are tremendously adaptable sunglasses which are suitable for any sport and any athlete!

      BLADE sunglasses have been designed and field-tested by runners, cyclists and triathletes. AMO’s goal is  to create premium sports sunglasses which athletes could rely on during long workouts in extreme environments and include all of the features athletes need. AMO has not compromised on the features or the quality.

      Standard package
      The AMO BLADE standard package is for one set of premium polycarbonate polarized photochromic medium dark lens and TWO sets of interchangeable and adjustable temple arms (an arm the same colour as the frame and another of your choice. Temple arms are available in colours black/black, black/red, black/blue, and black/green and black/orange. This standard package is what most people choose and offers outstanding value, optical performance and great UV and impact protection.

      Lightweight, strong, adjustable and interchangeable
      BLADE sunglasses feature interchangeable and adjustable temple arms (using AMO’s ‘Fit-lock’ ® system) to enable you adjust your sunglasses on the go to change your look for different workouts.

      A unique feature of BLADE sunglasses is that as it is a single super wide "mask" lens it has an un-paralleled wide field of vision with temple arms are easily and quickly changed using AMO’s ‘Fit-lock’ ®system offering a totally new look!

      BLADE Sunglass frames are very strong, made from Grilamid® TR-90, the purest and best material for sports sunglasses frames: for strength, heat and chemical resistance, durability and weight. AMO has taken this amazing material and designed high performance frames for new sports sunglasses that are lightweight, strong and flexible.
      BLADE sunglass nose pieces are made from thermoplastic rubber TPR® are adjustable in three dimensions which allow for a highly customised fit and increased comfort. The temple arm ends are also fully adjustable and are manufactured using Hytrel®, this material increases grip when in contact with sweat to reduce movement during even the most extreme workouts. The temple arms are straight and rest comfortably, so will not pinch and are designed to slide inside bike helmets and running hats with ease.
      BLADE sunglasses offer a perfect fit for all head and face shapes and all ethnicities.

      Outstanding optical performance
      The BLADE "mask" lens have a Class 1 optical clarity: they eliminate haze, give a resolving power greater than 28 on the NBS clarity index and have a high ‘abbe’ value to eliminate optical distortion and magnification.

      The BLADE lens have a 'washable' hydrophobic or oleo-phobic coating to repel water, sweat and grease and keep the lenses clear, no matter what the weather conditions.The BLADE lens contains a scratch resistant coating to keep the surface free of imperfections ,a reflective coating which reduces glare and decreases eye fatigue.

      BLADE lenses have 100% UVA/UVB protection and comply with EN1836, ANSI Z80.3 and AS/NZS 1067 standards. Additionally, AMO’s superb premium polycarbonate lenses are all 2mm thick and have excellent impact resistance.

      Lifetime Warranty

      AMO stands behind its products and offers a 'life time' warranty for SHIELD. See AMO’s lifetime 'warranty policy’ for details

      SHIELD colour: Blue

      Gone Running says - Designed locally, these lightweight, highly technical sports sunglasses are perfect for Hong Kong conditions and recommended by some of Hong Kong's top athletes like Olya Korzh and Dan Falconar, Mo Delvin..etc

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    • Variant: Photochromic Medium Dark Lense / Black Frame/Temple arms
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    • Weight: 50 g
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    • Brand: AMO