BEET IT SPORT - Pro Elite Shot

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Made from concentrated beetroot juice cut with lemon juice - nothing else!

The BEET IT brand has rapidly established itself in the sporting world and is already a firm favourite of the UK's sporting elite, being increasingly adopted by many international sportsmen, women and teams.

BEET IT SPORT is a 70ml shot of concentrated beets juice (98%) cut with concentrated lemon juice (2%). Each 70ml shot contains 400mg of dietary nitrate, the equivalent of 500ml of beet juice, providing the maximum intake of nitrate in the Sest volume of liquid, which is why it is preferred by elite athletes as a quick and easy-to-take supplement.

As well as being entirely natural, the SPORT shot is cut with lemon juice which reduces the taste of beets making it more palatable for those that do not favor the taste.

Origins and dose

The England Rugby team were given our beet juice for the 2010 season. Some loved it, others were less keen! We then developed the idea of a 70ml concentrated beet shot to deliver the equivalent dose of dietary nitrate in order to reduce the overall liquid intake. We then took this a step further and introduced the BEET IT SPORT which contains 33% increased dietary nitrate - delivering a dose of 400mg per shot. As this product has been designed specifically with the elite sports world in mind, it is no surprise that almost all of our professional teams and elite sportsmen and women have switched from the single strength juice.

Our beet juice shots are now the preferred delivery method used by research teams to boost nitric oxide (NO) levels in the blood - we are currently working with over 90 research projects worldwide.

We recommend that you have one BEET IT SPORT shot 1-12 hours before exercise. Some of our elite athletes suggest taking the shots on a loading basis - having one shot a day for 1-2 weeks before an event.                                 


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