GU Roctane Energy Gel - Cherry Lime

  • $24 HKD

Created for demanding training and competition, GU Roctane Energy Gel stands out from original GU Energy Gel with more sodium, an electrolyte that aids in hydration, and even more branched-chain amino acids (leucine, valine, and isoleucine) that reduce mental fatigue and decrease muscle damage than our original GU Energy Gel. 

The amino acid taurine helps maintain heart contractility and improve cardiac output during long exercise sessions, while the amino acid beta-alanine helps promote formation of the intramuscular buffer carnosine. 

The 100-calorie packets contain carbohydrates (maltodextrin and fructose) that use non-competing pathways to help maximize carbohydrate absorption and utilization while diminishing stomach distress.

Roctane Energy Gel is vegan, gluten free, and kosher.

Contains 35mg caffeine.

Gone Running says - Not the same selection of funky flavours as GUs, but a better nutritional option for longer races. The extra amino acids help to prevent fatigue, while higher sodium (125mg or around half a salt tablet vs 45-65mg) is a winner in Hong Kong conditions.

GU Roctane Energy Gel - Cherry Lime has a rating of 4.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

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