Lupine Smartcore Battery

  • $790 HKD

From S to L

For every purpose there is a handy battery. Whereas each battery has the same connectors, it is possible to to combine them with every Lupine lamphead and Lupine charger. Of course you still have to keep the capacity in mind, it is not recommended to combine the Sest battery with the strongest light. 

SmartCore Technology

The SmartCore batteries come with powerful electronics; Simply push the control panel and the remaining battery capacity will be indicated in increments of 10 %.

The advantage is obvious: The capacity may be checked at any time no matter if the battery is in use, being charged, or has been lying in the hall for two weeks waiting for the next adventure.

The backlight mode may also be activated by the push of a button.

A tail- and running-light function may also be activated by the push of a button. The integrated balancing function increases our batteries' performance and life.

FastClick headbands

The Lupine FastClick-System allows you to change a battery within a second. It fits to all headlights, headbands, and 3M mounts with a FastClick System (Neo, Piko). The non-FastClick batteries will work with all Lupine head torches but will require an extension cord as they don't fit the FastClick system on the head strap.


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