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       【Patent function technology! Temperature control system to improve runners' performance Recommended by universities in Japan & Hong Kong|Patented sweat management technology|Effectively reduce the core temperature of runners!


      Mental Runner 取得高科技布料 Comfiknit 授權,推出一套能夠有效降低跑者核心溫度的終極跑衣系統 - Mental Runner Eva1.0﹗

      Mental Runner has obtained the authorization of the high-tech fabric Comfiknit, and launched an ultimate running clothing system that can effectively reduce the core temperature of runners - Mental Runner Eva1.0! 


      Eva for Evaporation

      強調「吸收、擴散、揮發」Emphasis on "absorption, diffusion, volatilization"

      Eva1.0 是 Mental Runner X Comfiknit 合力推出的專利汗水管理跑衣,集中提供汗乾循環方案。應用人體工學,以獨特紡紗技術和專利結合,令布料能夠迅速吸汗,在布面大幅度擴散,加速蒸發。在實驗室的高速攝影機測試,一滴水珠在高端品牌的跑衣,要接近1秒才被吸收,在專利布料上,只需要0.2秒,足足快五倍﹗加上智慧技術使物料的導熱性隨人排汗增加而提升,將衣服保溫性降低,令人感覺涼快。

      經過多次測試,穿着 Mental Runner EvaSystem 的跑者,較一般跑者延後「爆汗」10至18分鐘,心率增幅相對較低﹗不難想像,在30分鐘至三個多小時的長跑比賽中,18分鐘的延後「爆汗」對運動表現有莫大幫助﹗

      Emphasis on "absorption, diffusion, volatilization"

      Eva1.0 is a patented sweat management running garment jointly launched by Mental Runner X Comfiknit, which provides a centralized sweat drying cycle solution. Applying ergonomics, combining unique spinning technology and patents, the fabric can quickly absorb sweat, spread it greatly on the fabric surface, and accelerate evaporation. In the high-speed camera test in the laboratory, it takes nearly 1 second for a drop of water to be absorbed on a high-end brand of running clothes. On the patented fabric, it only takes 0.2 seconds, which is five times faster! Coupled with intelligent technology, the thermal conductivity of the material increases with the increase of perspiration, which reduces the thermal insulation of the clothes and makes people feel cooler.

      After many tests, the runners wearing the Mental Runner EvaSystem delayed the "burst of sweat" by 10 to 18 minutes compared with the average runners, and the heart rate increase was relatively low! It is not difficult to imagine that in a long-distance race of 30 minutes to more than three hours, the 18-minute delay of "sweating" is of great help to sports performance!


      By runner, for runner

      Eva1.0 不單止擁有突破性機能,更在跑者的視角,調整微小細節,務求在產品科技、功能和設計取得平衡。Eva1.0 經過多次測試,調整最合適的剪裁,無論肩部的曲線,下擺的弧度、長短,都貼合長跑運動的最佳需求。專利布料親膚柔軟,加上特殊的縫製技術,在乾燥環境下長時間跑動都不易磨損皮膚。

      Eva1.0 not only has breakthrough functions, but also adjusts tiny details from the perspective of runners to achieve a balance between product technology, function and design. Eva1.0 has been tested many times to adjust the most suitable tailoring, no matter the curve of the shoulders, the radian of the hem, or the length, they all meet the best needs of long-distance running. The patented fabric is skin-friendly and soft, coupled with special sewing technology, it is not easy to wear the skin after running for a long time in a dry environment.


      Eva1.0 以黑色為主調,配以簡約設計。除了追求型格,黑色的設計也特別配合 Comfiknit 布料的特質。在日曬測試中,黑色專利布料比白色降溫更快,體感溫度更低。

      Eva1.0 uses black as the main tone, with a simple design. In addition to the pursuit of style, the black design also matches the characteristics of Comfiknit fabric. In the sun test, the black patent fabric cools down faster and feels cooler than white.


      胸前標語「Time for therapy」的意思,回應很多跑者的熱情,將跑步當作精神治療,放鬆減壓的良方。在香港人的語境中,可以譯作「夠鐘食藥」,相信很多香港跑者看到能夠會心微笑。

      The meaning of the slogan "Time for therapy" on the chest responds to the enthusiasm of many runners, who regard running as a mental therapy and a good way to relax and decompress. In the context of Hong Kong people, it can be translated as "enough to eat medicine". I believe many Hong Kong runners can smile knowingly when they see it.


      跑衣的背面,印上布料和 Care label,是為了減少衣服內不必要的標籤,進一步減低對皮膚的磨擦。而兩旁設有反光帶,保障你在黑夜路跑的安全。

      The fabric and Care label are printed on the back of the running clothes to reduce unnecessary labels inside the clothes and further reduce friction to the skin. There are reflective tapes on both sides to ensure your safety when running in the dark.


      *(Mental Runner EVA1.0 on Model: Size L, Height 184cm)*

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