pjur active 2skin lubricant

  • $12 HKD

After you apply it, pjur active 2skin acts like a protective film on the skin, reinforcing the cell structure and spreading the pressure over a Lr area. This increases protection against chafing, blistering or other unpleasant skin irritations. And the skin still breathes, because the gel doesn’t clog pores!

  • Invisible lubricating and protecting film
  • Breathable, durable and ultra long lasting
  • Water and sweat resistant

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Gone Running says - Breaking all our rules about nothing new on race day, John tried this for the first time at TransLantau. He's pleased to report that he didn't think about his crotch once during the race - and that's exactly what you want. Same super effective Pjur lubricant that works great for runners, but slightly more modest packaging than Back Door. 

pjur active 2skin lubricant has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

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