Lupine Lights

Posted on November 12 2015

Lupine Lights

Lupine are a German based headlight company, but world famous for their eye watering light, and high standard of build, including impact resistant to five metres and IPX6 weatherproof. Known for their meticulous eye for detail, these head torches are lightweight and powerful with all lights showing their true lumens.

All Lupines lights are covered by an industry leading 2 year warranty that promises a 48 hour turnaround for repairs at their workshop in Germany.

Lupine Piko

The Lupine Piko is a 1,500 lumen high quality headlight that packs a huge punch, despite weighing just 190 grams including 2.0Ah battery. With a battery life ranging from 2 to 190 hours, dependent on the type of battery you choose and the setting you have it on, this is, quite simply, brilliant.

Price $2,690 - $3,440 (dependent on battery pack purchased with light)

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Lupine Neo

This is the little sister of the Lupine series of headlights but don't be fooled - the Neo still packs a very powerful punch with 700 lumens. Even more lightweight than the Piko at just 170 grams, the Neo has the same ingenious functionality with five brightness settings, but is more affordable Lupine with the same high standard of build.

Price $1,920 - 1,970 (dependent on battery pack purchased with light)

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At Gone Running, we can also offer the Lupine Betty, a 5,000 lumen monster of a light, and the Lupine Wilma, the 3,200 lumen little sister of the Betty. 


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