1100ks in ALTRA Torin Plush

Posted on April 26 2020

1100ks in ALTRA Torin Plush

 .....update 17/5/2020 .... 1100km and they have finally retired .... goodbye old friends!.... on to the new Torin Plush 4.5!

It isn't often I run in a pair of shoes for 1000kms but today was such a milestone for my ALTRA Torin Plush. 

Setting myself the challenge to run every day, at least 5km, for a decade, I am now 265 days in. One of my biggest concerns when I started was the potential for injury. 

In the 265 days since starting my challenge I have racked up close to 3000 kms, 1/3 of that distance in these shoes.  I have been able to steadily build my weekly mileage to be now entering my 8th week of around 100kms per week. 

Consequently my shoes take a battering. My normal practice is to regularly rotate my shoes and I have still done that from time to time but I now find myself rotating between different ALTRA zero drop shoes with the Torin Plush being the favorite in the pack. 

What I really like about these shoes is the following:

1. They are super comfortable. The Quantic midsole give a wonderful feeling of softness and being the "Plush" version of the Torin it has an extra 2mm of a comfortable strobel board that adds to the feeling of softness without being sloppy.

2. Footshape, but firm hold. Not having wide feet, I am super pleased that I can keep my big toe straight and have room to spread my toes BUT, also have the upper hold my foot firm. Without that my feet would move around and create the risk of blisters on longer runs. 

3. A more natural running shape. Gradually as I transitioned to zero drop I noticed that whenever I ran I felt I was in a very balanced and comfortable running shape. As you can see from the wear pattern on the shoes, my right foot does still have a tendency to heel plant a little and I roll along the outside of the shoe. However, given I have put 1000 kms into these shoes they are remarkable evenly worn on the out-sole. I think this is because they encourage an easy, balanced mid-foot strike. The consequence is even when tired on a long run I feel remarkably few aches and pains. 

4. Versatility. They fit so many of my runs. The steady recovery runs are smooth and easy, my long runs are pain-free and the shorter faster stuff gets that big toe push off working which is a great feeling. I have also taken to using them of dry days on the trail No stone guard so more technical trails would be painful but the grip is also pretty good on Hong Kong style trails. 

So I think its now time to retire my tired friends but I will certainly be replacing them. These are sincerely the most comfortable shoes I have ever run in. 

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