Aetrex Footscanning For The Perfect Fit

Posted on February 21 2024

Aetrex Footscanning For The Perfect Fit


Choosing your shoes, be it for Racing, Training, Hiking, Everyday Walking or just spending a lot of time on your feet, it is a very important decision.

So many mobility issues are caused by ill fitting shoes. Injury, pain, destroyed training plans, and misery follow!

We are totally committed to getting you the perfect fit so we have invested in the latest state-of-the-art technology, integrated with AI to capture your foot dimensions, and the static and dynamic pressure you exert through your gait cycle . 

This gives us really good insight into the type of shoe that might be the best fit for your feet. 

Furthermore, we can see if adding a tailored insole to the shoe will improve the fit and comfort and remove the potential for pain and injury. On our orthotics we offer a 30 Day Comfort Guarantee. i.e. try them for 30 days and if they are not improving your comfort and you are not satisfied we will refund the cost to you. 

You might have high arches, flat feet or a range of ailments that are easy to get especially if you are training intensively, or spending a lot of time on you feet.

Watch our video and book an appointment or drop in to get a personal service.

Following the scan you will receive a digital file providing all the measurement details. 


Below we share a few of the most common foot problems and injury types and in all of them ill fitting shoes is a major cause. It is worth taking a little time to make sure you get the best possible fit with the shoes you need for your next adventure. That way you can train longer and harder and get that PB that is you are targeting. 

What are they?:  A bony protrusion on the medial side of the foot where the Big Toe is pushed into the other toes

What Causes Them?: Ill fitting shoes, usually pointed dress shoes of high heels. Women are more prone with the shape of women's high heels etc which constrict the ability of the toes to spread. Bunions can also be caused by overpronation putting excessive force on the outside of the big toe. 

How We Can Help: Finding shoes that have space for the toes to spread naturally and straighten out the big toe for push off. ALTRA of course are well known for this. We will also suggest a suitable orthotic with patented arch support that will provide people who are prone to overpronation. 

What is It?:  This is where the Metatarsal Heads get inflamed from excessive pressure. 

What Causes It?: A restrictive toe box has the effect of concentrating the pressure on the met heads or what is commonly called the ball of the foot. High heels again put enormous pressure on the forefoot. Also as you age the fat pad under the met heads tends to thin out which can lead to the same problem. .

How We Can Help?: Again, the choice of a shoe that will not restrict your toes ability to spread and allow your toes to spread and have a good rocker geometry is very important. We will also suggest an Orthotics with a special Met Pad that will provide a reduction in the pressure being applied to the met heads. 

What is it?: A pain and swelling often between the third and fourth metatarsal leading to pain, swelling, tingling and often numbness in the toes as a result of the nerve getting impinged between the met heads.  

What Causes It?. The bones in the foot squeeze together and trap the nerve shown. This is a common issue for people involved in high impact sports such as sprinting, jumping. It can also be caused by wearing high heels which also exerts excessive force on the forefoot. 

How We Can Help?: Like for metatarsalgia the choice of a shoe that will not restrict your toes ability to spread and allow your toes to spread is very important. The same Orthotics with a special Met Pad will be useful to provide a reduction in the pressure being applied to the met heads.

What Are They?: A bony protrusion that grows out of the ankle bone at the point where the planta fascia connects to the heel bone 

What Causes Them? This is when an overstretched Planta Fascia pulls away from the heel bone. An overstretched Planta Fascia which itself can get inflamed and known as Planta Fasciitis. This is the No 1 foot injury and the No 1 cause of Heel Spurs. 

How We Can Help?: The key thing here is to help prevent the overstretching of the Planta Fascia and to provide some arch support and extra cushioning. We will choose a suitable orthotic in addition to picking shoes that are a great fit!

What is it?: This is when the Achilles gets inflamed and can lead to shortening of the Achilles and give increasing levels of pain and can be serious if allowed to develop and cause the Achilles tendon to deteriorate and potentially rupture. Runners often report a reduction in pain as they start exercising and warm up the tendon. 

What Causes It?. Usually a lack of stretching and suitable warm up is a major cause but also overpronation can cause the stress in the Achilles to increase also. 

How We Can Help?: We can help select shoes that reduce the chance of overpronation as we carry a range of shoes that do have different approaches to providing support on the medial side of the shoe. We will also recommend a orthotic that elevates the heel and provides arch support too compliment the work being done by the shoe.



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