Rivera 2, Your Run Just Got Easier! Rivera 2 讓你跑得更輕鬆悠閒!

Posted on March 10 2022

Rivera 2, Your Run Just Got Easier! Rivera 2 讓你跑得更輕鬆悠閒!


Hong Kong: 2nd March 2022

For the past two decades, leisure running has become increasingly popular, and urban runners have continuously expected improved standards and functionality from their running shoes. Not do they want a fashionable appearance, but also durability, comfort, and the highest protection for the feet during exercise.

Last year, in response this, Altra launched a brand new ultra-lightweight shoe, the Rivera to popular acclaim winning the Runners World Award for “The Best Lightweight Shoe”. It immediately became popular among leisure runners.

Today, ALTRA announces the global launch of the second generation of the Rivera, The Rivera 2.

Rivera was positioned as a daily trainer, for easy long runs and leisure wear. Inheriting the features of the previous version, the Rivera 2 is built with ALTRA’s responsive and resilient EGO midsole providing runners for a light, soft and comfortable foot feeling.



Rivera 2 also has ALTRA’s slimmest Foot shape™️ design which is known as slim fit. Of course, it also has Balanced Cushioning™️, which means equal cushioning under the heel and forefoot designed to reduce potential injuries.

For female runners, the female models utilise the Fit4Her™️ design concept which means it is specially designed for female feet. ALTRA is one of the few brands to make adaptions like this for female feet.

The shoe has a highly breathable mesh upper, and version 2 has detail improvements around the collar which makes for a comfortable heel position and provides good foot support. The aim is to bring ultimate comfort to runners every time they train.

Whether it's a daily practice session, a long training session, or a post-workout coffee break, Rivera 2 would be a great partner.

Technical Details

  • BALANCED CUSHIONING™️. Designed zero difference in the cushioning under the heel and forefoot which encourages runners to adopt a natural running posture to reduce the chance of injury.
  • FOOTSHAPE™️ The toe box design is made according to the shape of the human foot, providing sufficient space in the shoe to allow the toes to spread naturally, improving balance and comfort. The Rivera 2 is ALTRA's first shoe to use the Slim FootShape Fit. Compared with the previous FootShape™️ shoes, the Slim Fit toe box is slightly narrowed, and fits more closely to the foot providing support.
  • Fit4Her™️ ALTRA has adapted 4 aspects of the shoes design to specifically match the specific differences in the female foot


    In addition

    • ALTRA’s EGO Midsole offering great cushioning and energy return
    • Light mesh upper for breathability and style.

    Weight:250g (M) /197g (W)
    Stack Height:26mm
    Ideal for Daily Training, Long Run and Leisure use








    因應這股悠閒式跑步熱潮,Altra去年特別推出全新超輕盈鞋款 Rivera, 悠閒跑者欣然接受,新鞋款廣泛歡迎,更獲全球發行量最大之跑步雜誌《Runner’s World》垂青,獲得編輯推薦 ( EditorsChoice )」殊榮,而且還得到 "Runner's World Running Shoe Award 2021" 的 「最佳輕型路跑鞋  (#bestLightweightRoadShoe)」獎項。踏入 2022年第一季尾, Rivera第二代於全球市場正式上架。

    Rivera 定位為日常訓練、長課練習及消閒鞋款。遺傳第一代的基因,Rivera 2 採用反應敏捷、回彈十足的 EGO 中底物料打造。讓跑者感受極致輕盈、柔軟的舒適足感。再配合依照腳形 Footshape™️ 而設計的鞋型;特別為女性腳型打造的 Fit4Her™️ 內櫳以及 為跑者減低潛在傷患而設計的 Balanced Cushioning™️中底。



    不論日常練習,長課訓練又或者訓練後流連咖啡室,Rivera 2 都可成為您的最佳拍檔。

    Rivera 2 承傳 Altra 跑鞋三大基因:

    • 「零足跟差 Balanced Cushioning™️」赤足跑腳感設計,鼓勵跑者採用自然跑姿,減低傷患機會;加上品牌代表性的
    • 「寬闊鞋楦 FOOTSHAPE™️」,鞋頭設計依據人類腳形製作,提供充足鞋櫳空間,讓腳趾自然伸展,提高平衡及舒適度;以及
    • 特製「女性專屬 Fit4Her™️」專用鞋楦,讓穿上Altra鞋的女跑者能夠舒適地享受跑步樂趣。

    Rivera 2 是 ALTRA 首雙使用 Slim FootShape Fit 的鞋款,比起以往的 FootShape™️ 鞋款,Slim Fit 鞋頭略為收窄,跑者穿著時鞋身緊貼腳型帶來貼腳承托。讓跑者更享受Rivera 帶來之舒適奔跑體驗。

      Rivera 2
      重量:250g (男裝) /197g (女裝)
      適用於:日常訓練、長課練習及 消閒穿梭城市

      • 回彈充足、柔軟足感之EGO中底
      • 透氣度極高的網面物料刺繡,配合改良鞋領等設計細節,帶來完美的包覆性以及舒適度。
      • 鼓勵自然跑姿的「零足跟差」平衡緩衝 Balanced Cushioning™️ 設計
      • 契合女性腳形之 FIT4HER™️ 特製鞋楦
      • Slim FootShape Fit鞋頭設計 更加緊貼腳型 貼腳承托



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