14 Reasons why the ALTRA Mont Blanc Carbon is the Perfect Trail Shoe

Posted on January 23 2024

14 Reasons why the ALTRA Mont Blanc Carbon is the Perfect Trail Shoe


This last weekend, "ULTRAElliot" or Elliot Froidevaux did what we often tell people not to do and that is to get a brand new shoe and immediately race in it. 

This was also not just any race either, it was the HK100 "Grand Sam" named after the first person to run the 33k, the 56k and the 100k back to back. 

The shoe was the brand new ALTRA Mont Blanc Carbon. A significant upgrade on the original Mont Blanc. For his full sharing and his experience, you can listen to the video below!

You can also get your hands on a pair of this fabulous new shoe here HERE...

You can also get all of the technical specs in out Blog HERE too

Summarising the points he makes in the video, he scored Altra Mont Blanc a perfect 10 with below 14 reasons:

    1. The “step-in” feel of the shoe was very comfortable and that made Elliot confident to immediately go straight into a back to back 56km and 103km race in two days. 
    2. In summary, they are a pair of wonderful shoes. The original Mont Blanc was very close to being a good racing shoe but this one is really great.
    3. The EGO max and EGO Pro combination in the midsole make the shoes very comfortable and the shoe is very lightweight 
    4. In terms of the shape, they are an ideal fit for Elliot’s foot allowing great spreading of the toes which is always an Altra’s feature. The shoes have the standard Footshape which Altra is famous for. 
    5. Vibram Megagrip, litebase outsole gives good grip and additional lightness which is needed in Hong Kong weather conditions
    6. The combination of the carbon plate and EGO Max and EGO Pro midsole in a Rim and Core ”bathtub” construction is perfect and gives extra responsiveness. The shoe becomes stable but somewhat rigid in a good way.
    7. Mont Blanc Carbon uses a bi-directional carbon plate. It can flex up and down which makes it more suitable on uneven terrain.
    8. This flexibility makes the shoe more stable than other brands with a carbon plate. If the runner hits a rock, for instance, shoes with a stiff carbon plate have a higher risk of rolling off making it easy to roll your ankle. Altra's wide base and flexible carbon plate, gives good rock protection and combines well with the midsole foams to give the right amount of propulsion without being uncomfortable, especially over long distance. 
    9. Heel fit was perfect which meant a runner’s knot was not needed. After the race, the shoes inside were still clean meaning the shoes locked Elliot’s foot very well and prevented debris from going in.
    10. Extra padding has been added all around the heel cup which feels very comfortable and the lock down feels much more secure.  It also means you do not need to crank down on the laces as much which reduces pressure on top of the foot. Generally you put the foot on, it feels very comfortable.
    11. The Mont Blanc Carbon has additional toe protection with a TPU overlay that feels it has more room and will protect well after 50K or more 
    12. Nice little touches such as the reflective materials on the upper were given kudos especially when you are tired after a long run in the dark, you cannot see anything and you have something to look at on your foot 
    13. Not a single blister after 56K and 103K which has never happened before 
    14. The Midfoot was locked perfectly in place and Elliot didn’t feel any slippage inside the shoe and he would be confident to use the shoes on technical terrain without any concern

Overall, Elliot scored the shoes 10 (in the highest score from 1-10). He plans to use the shoe for his upcoming 100 miles and the another grand slam later this year. 





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