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Who better than the very rapid Jeff Campbell to put the brand new ALTRA Vanish Carbon through its paces .... Check out his video HERE

ALTRA may be coming later to this Carbon game but they have taken their time to develop a shoe that works with your natural running style rather that force you to run in a particular way. Jeff certainly seemed pleased. You can now combine the benefits of 33mm of Balanced Cushioning with the spectacular rocker engineering to get a fast, propulsive and above all comfortable pace shoe. Marathons are painful enough, so let your shoes, at least, be super comfortable as you push for that PR. Summarizing Jeff's main points:

  • 1️⃣Altra is a brand in which I do a lot of running on the trail and on the road, I really like their road shoes but this shoe had a really surprising feel, very light, responsive and fast.
  • 2️⃣The Vanish Carbon has a different feel from other Altra shoes, they are still zero-drop and foot shape which is really comfortable, but what you really notice the first time you put them on, is the rocker geometry built into the shoes. 
  • 3️⃣As you are transitioning, the shoes really pop you onto the forefoot, you can feel where you are focusing your toe when you are finishing your strike.  You would expect that from a carbon shoe but it feels like they have really done it well. So, in that regard, it doesn't feel like a zero drop shoe too much, this is an aggressive shoe. 
  • 4️⃣The fit of the shoe is quite comfortable. Altra adopts the Footshape design so the forefoot is wider than some other shoes but in the case of the Vanish Carbon it is not as wide as other Altras. (It uses the Slim Footshape Fit)
  • 5️⃣The upper is made of a very lightweight material. It feels like a very light racing shoe. 
  • 6️⃣I have worn carbon shoes from a number of different manufacturers and each has different feel. This would be one of the more aggressive feeling carbon racers. It does encourage a fast transition and the foam feels firmer relative to other carbon shoes.
  • 7️⃣Overall, I think Altra have done a great job on their first attempt at a carbon racer. This is fast, combined with balanced comfort and performance. I will use it on race day or for hard training.   

      You can also read our long term test of the shoe as we have put some 250kms into this to really get to know the way it works ... Check it out HERE

      So if you want to run as fast as Jeff then at least get the same shoes :-)

      Check them out HERE






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