Lavaredo tips from 8th placegetter Marie McNaughton

Posted on June 14 2016

Lavaredo tips from 8th placegetter Marie McNaughton


Good luck to everyone running Lavaredo next weekend. The final entry list is out ( and Hong Kong will be well represented, including #12 Marie McNaughton, #17 Wyan Chow, #51 Mark Green, #66 Wong Ho Chung, #67 Stone Tsang and #69 Vlad Ixel ;)

But it's not all about the elites. The drop dead gorgeous scenery promises a fun race for everyone, fast or slow. For anyone running, check out some course tips from last year's 8th place getter, Marie McNaughton:

1. It's an 11pm start so it goes without saying that a midday nap and afternoon relaxation is the way to go. Eat dinner early, either at home or one of the few restaurants open at that time.

2. Start steady and watch your pace. The beginning is an uphill road grind out of the town, which continues for around 500m D+ and is like a long "Peel Rise". There are no issues with bottlenecks so enjoy the start and preserve your energy. The end of the race is a massive slog. If you save your energy and can move steadily through the tough section between 80km and 105km, you will finish really well.

3. The terrain is very hard and rocky underfoot, with only small sections of ‘soft’ trail. Responsive shoes with good cushioning are a must. Grip should be less of an issue as it should be dry and firm underfoot. The last steep downhill may be slippery but you probably won’t care how you get down by then…

4. Many in the field use hiking poles, which will be super handy for the climbs, but it is also quite a runnable course too, plus some steep switchback downhills. Consider putting the poles in your dropbag at 66km so you can use them for the hard climbs in the back half. 

5. CP food is solid with something for all tastes including meat and cheese. There are more CPs in the second half plus plenty of streams for fresh water, so you shouldn't run out of food or drink. 

6. Most of all, enjoy the epic views and the lack of steps!


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