The Gear Library - Take our gear for a spin before you buy

Posted on June 21 2015

The Gear Library - Take our gear for a spin before you buy

Photo credit: Daniel Chung

Race vests

   Salomon S-LAB Sense Ultra Set - Black M/L (PR), White XS/S (PR)

     Salomon S-LAB Sense Set - White M/L

     Ultimate Direction Scott Jurek Race Vest 2.0 - L, S

     Ultimate Direction Anton Krupicka Race Vest 2.0 - M/L

Head torches

  Ferei HL50 - 1,800 lumens

  Ay Up Run Kit - 700 lumens

  Ferei HL40 - 600 lumens (JC)

  Ferei HL20 - 600 lumens (JC)

  Lupine Neo X2 - 600 lumens

  LED Lenser H7R.2 - 300 lumens (PR)

  Ferei HL08 - 220 lumens

  LED Lenser SEO 7R - 220 lumens

  Black Diamond Spot - 130 lumens

  LED Lenser NEO - 90 lumens

Hand bottles

    Salomon Park Hydro Handfree Set - Black (NA)


So your new race pack felt great in the shop but then bounced around when you filled the bottles on your first run? Or maybe your new head torch felt super comfy initially but gave you a headache after a couple hours, or the light wasn't what you expected?

Quality gear is a big investment these days and you never really know how it's going to perform for you on the trails. We're trail runners, we get it - that's why we've started the Gone Running Gear Library.

Drop us a line at if you want to try something out. If it's not on loan, we'll mail it to you, you can use it for a week in a real-life situation, then we ask that you lightly rinse it and post it back. It's free and easy!

Gear library updated on 21 May 2015.


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