Ultra Trail Kitbag

Posted on August 11 2015

Ultra Trail Kitbag

Gear recommendations for UTMB and UTMF (and their sister races)

Ultra trail races are gruelling events in potentially hostile mountain environments, unpredictable weather and sometimes hours away from emergency rescue - it's not surprising that the mandatory gear lists can be pretty daunting! 

We have put together some options of quality kit to meet race requirements as well as additional recommended gear - it will help keep you safe and comfortable, while also weighing in light and packing small. For slower runners and hikers, we would recommend looking at heavier / sturdier gear options as you'll appreciate the extra comfort or warmth if the weather turns or going into your second all-nighter.

Check out the collection of products below. You can find more information on most of these products in-store or feel free to drop us a line at hello@gonerunning.hk if you have any further questions - we're here to help!

Up to date mandatory gear lists for all the races can be found here at UTMB and UTMF.


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