60 second Q&A with Tailwind Trailblazer Ruth Croft

Posted on August 21 2017

60 second Q&A with Tailwind Trailblazer Ruth Croft

We reckon she's Asia's most talented trail runner and really needs no introduction, winning CCC in 2015, with an eighth place finish and only an hour behind overall winner Zach Miller. More recently, she finished second behind Caroline Chaverot at Lavaredo 2017 and beat all the men at the MSIG HK50. #GoTailwind #GoneRunning #notduded

1. Where do you live and where are you from?

I am a Kiwi, been living in Taiwan for the past five years, but on my way back to the land of the long white cloud.  

2. Why did you get into trail running?

When I first got to Taiwan I wasn't able to sign up for any of the road races because I could not understand Chinese and they filled up so quickly. At the time, trail races were the only races I was still able to get an entry for. 

3. Favourite race so far?

Zegama and Trofeo Kima for the tie. 

4. Dream race?

The Kepler back in NZ has been on the list, too many to choose from. 

5. Best trail racing result?

Of recent it would be 2nd at Laveredo Ultra this year.

6. Best trail memory?

One of my favorites was doing the Mt Everast Tenzing-Hilary 60km Ultra where we had to trek to base camp over ten days and then the race started from there. For the last 20km we had a Nepali Sherpa accompany us. I could not keep up with Bobo (the guy that was with me) He had a full length umbrella, hiking boots, backpack, jeans and wasn't even breaking a sweat.   

 7. Advice for beginners?

Don't take pantyhose as your compulsory equipment for tights, as you never know you may actually have to use them ;)

8. Your favourite Tailwind flavour?

Raspberry Buzz

9. What it means to you to be a Tailwind Trailblazer?





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