GEAR REVIEW - The Naked Running Band

Posted on December 14 2015

GEAR REVIEW - The Naked Running Band

The North Face 100 Hong Kong

Mandatory equipment

  • Rain Jacket (No disposable raincoat, made of water repellent material and able to cover the head, upper torso and arms)
  • Mobile phone (with HK reception)
  • Two Headlamps/torches
  • Whistle
  • At least 0.5 liters of water or sports drink (water bladder or water bottles) at start point
  • At least 300 calories worth of energy bars / food portions at start point
  • Race Bib
  • Personal cup or tumbler
  • Emergency contact card (provided by race organizer)

Photo credit: The Ta

Truth be told, that grinning idiot on stage 3 of The North Face 100 Hong Kong last weekend actually does have all his mandatory gear - as confirmed by three gear checks on the day.

It's all there, plus two stick packs of Tailwind, five GU energy gels and a pack of Powergel Shots. If you'd caught him a few minutes beforehand, he had a couple of banana halves safely tucked away too.

We have now tested the Naked Running Band on over 350km of races (from 30km to 100km) and reckon it's the best waist belt we've come across. The key is in the extra wide design, combined with a 4-way powermesh material that wraps around your waist / hips and holds everything in place without any bouncing or chafing.

It holds a total of three litres in the four large pockets, each with a handy pull strap for easy access. There's also two elastic straps on the back for poles or larger gear like jackets or pants. We've carried over one kilogram of gear, food and water in it with no bounce whatsoever. You need a snug fit but, happily, it comes in 6 sizes, from 25" to 36" waist. 

Is it a race vest or backpack replacement? Well, that depends on your hydration strategy. If you can get between stages with 500-600ml of water or Tailwind (plus a few big gulps at the checkpoint), then it should work, but this is not for everyone!

We are now taking pre-orders here for delivery in late December or early January.


  • sherman: December 23, 2015

    do we have sample to try in shop before preordering? Would really love to check the best fit size. Pls let me know when it’s ready in the store to checkout!

  • Beth Stewart: December 20, 2015

    Excellent review … the Naked Running Band is running far in the world now…

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