HK4TUC Sharing Session

Posted on January 14 2016

HK4TUC Sharing Session

Thanks to everyone who came along last night, and especially to our HK4TUC survivors and guest speakers for their excellent advice: the magnificent Tom Robertshaw, who came tantalisingly close to sub-60, and Canada's Mark Green, who defied the odds with no previous "milers" and not sleeping the night before.

For those planning to run HK4TUC, here were the five top tips:

  1. The hardest part of HK4TUC is the sleep deprivation. Get out for at least one overnight run beforehand, and use strategic 10 minute power naps to refresh during the race.
  2. Planning is everything. Even if you know the four trails in forwards order, study up as it's easy to get lost in the reverse direction, particularly when tired and at night. Know exactly where you can stop for food and especially water, and have contingency plans if you are running ahead or behind schedule and shops are closed. Make sure your off-trail support is properly briefed and knows what to do in any situation.
  3. Keep moving forwards. Your body will go through some deep cycles of feeling great and then feeling like you can't go on. Push through the tough times and it will get better - we promise!!
  4. Thinking about how long to the that mystical green post box at the Mui Wo ferry will only get you down. Break up the challenge into manageable mini-targets, knock it off, then work on the next one. This is a mental game so focus on the little wins.
  5. Keep fuelling. You'll probably want to stop eating after the first day but you have to keep at it, whatever it takes. Tailwind and natural foods worked for Tom and Mark on the trails, plus hot "real food" between trails.


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