Top trail tips from UTWT runner-up Gediminas Grinius

Posted on January 19 2016

Top trail tips from UTWT runner-up Gediminas Grinius

What an amazing privilege to have one of the world's best ultra trail runners, Gediminas Grinius, in last night to share his experiences and knowledge.

Despite juggling a full-time job and a family of four, Gediminas romped home to second in the 2015 UTWT, with superb wins at TransGranCanaria and UTMF. Look out for him again this year.

Top tips from Gediminas:

1. Trail runners need good leg strength. He focuses on box jumps and steps, squats, deadlifts and walking lunges - "go Schwarzenegger"! This is a great air-conditioned option for Asian runners during our debilitatingly hot summer off-seasons.
2. For race nutrition, Gediminas is a gel man. He takes half a gel every 20 minutes for smoother energy, topped up with sports drink, electrolytes and BCAAs (but not protein) during longer runs, for a total of 200-250 calories per hour.
3. Even Gurney Goo got a mention! After unplanned blisters only 20km into UTMB, he now uses this anti-chafe running goo on his feet as insurance.
4. When you are planning a stack of "milers", recovery is critical. As a vegetarian, he relies on protein power post workout, plus his full leg Compressport compression.
5. Other than sponsor requests, he likes to pick races that have "insulted" him. He'll be back for Grand Raid Reunion this year, which is his favourite race, with the full gamut of terrain and climates.

With a super strong field for this weekend's HK100 and a more runnable course that doesn't suit him, he's "only" looking for a top 5 finish. He's picking Longfei Yan to just pip Francois D'haene for the win. Good luck to everyone running on Saturday!


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