An Introduction to the TransLantau 100

Posted on February 18 2016

An Introduction to the TransLantau 100

Last night, we were privileged to have Vlad Ixel along to help us preview the 2016 TransLantau 100. Despite getting lost both years, he won the 50km in 2014 and the 100km in 2015. He is one of Hong Kong's top elite runners and a highly regarded trail running coach too!

Key takeaways

  1. No kidding, this is one tough 100km race with 5,500m D+ and a ~20% DNF rate last year. You should aim for at least one 50-60km training run or hike (or back to back 20-30km) in the lead up, and don't skimp on the hills and stairs!
  2. This year, the course runs in the opposite direction. AFCD permissions mean three main course changes with a net reduction of 500m D+ which should translate to 20-30 minute faster times. We have a stage-by-stage run through in the slide pack.
  3. The 100km race starts at 11:30pm on a Friday. This makes it especially hard for the back markers with two overnights. Make a sleep plan, whether it's taking the Friday afternoon off work or 5-10 minute power naps at CPs.
  4. The last stage looks a doozy, including a climb from Pak Mong up to Tigers Head (465m) that will hurt. We always recommend recces, but especially stage 10, to help prepare mentally but also to help with navigation.
  5. The mandatory gear list is fairly standard, while the CPs are well stocked. In the European tradition, we'll likely get some rich picnic food (prosciutto, cheese cubes etc) so practice with this if you intend eating it on race day.
  6. Please note there will be no mid-race drop bag, but Gone Running is offering a CP7 Ngong Ping delivery option (please note this has been changed from Tai O) for race day for orders over $100. Order online and someone will be there with your order between 8am and 7pm on Saturday 12 March so you can restock. Problem sorted!
If you missed out, you can download the slide pack here or watch replays on Gone Running TV here. If you have any follow up questions, feel free to drop us a line at

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  • Loz: March 02, 2016

    Thanks Vlad, John, and Gone Running for a great event!

    In the slide handout there was a rundown (written description) of the 100km route.

    Do you have a similar rundown for the 50km?

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