Posted on February 25 2016


If it's good enough for Seb...

We first heard about OVERSTIMS from French ultra running legend Sebastien Chaigneau last year. Seb loved the gluten-free options, the extra liquid gels and the easy to squeeze tubes.

So we started stocking OVERSTIMS and also got Hong Kong distributor, Julien Bonnard, himself an experienced ultra trail runner, in the store last night to talk us through the products in more detail. Key takeaways were:

  1. An energy gel for every situation - mix the Antioxidant and Energix gels for a base level of energy during runs. Top up with the Coup de Fouet (translates to "whip"!) for hard efforts, and Red Tonic for a short but powerful surge of energy.
  2. There's a great range of bars. The Amelix (marzipan / orange) and Protein Bar (white chocolate / red berries) are our personal favourites.
  3. The Warm-up Drink and Recovery Drink both come in handy bottles so you don't need to muck around with powders and can get your protein in straight after a race - and yes the bottles are reusable too!
  4. Regeprot is not just for recovery but makes a great daily supplement with high quality proteins rich in BCAAs and a neutral flavour so you can mix it into your favourite shake with the Kenwood 2GoSport.
  5. Kilian Jornet's famous "energy cake" will be available in Hong Kong from March. Look out for the gluten-free chocolate Gatosport.

Come check it out now at Gone Running.


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