Altra Lone Peak 5 Review by Elliot Froidevaux

Posted on December 17 2020

Altra Lone Peak 5 Review by Elliot Froidevaux

My relationship with the Lone Peak goes from the earlier model 2.0 when I started Trail Running and more recently the LP4.5s. So, I was excited to see what changes Altra made to their iconic trail shoe, 10 years since its first launch!

So far, I have run 120km in the Lone Peak 5,  including one 50km+ run. Though I do not have too much time and distance in them, I can already see the differences with the LP4.5s.

Lone Peak 5 Pros:

  1. The Upper: Less overlays, and a very comfortable mesh material. Definitely an improvement over the LP4.5s. And generally, a better-looking shoe! They have also added more drain holes in the toe-box area. I thought the LP4.5s had already good drainage, so even better!

  2. The Midsole: This is the big update from the previous LPs, because they have taken their popular road shoe EGO midsole into trail. It’s a very responsive and cushioned midsole which is far better in terms of performance and durability than the previous A-Bound midsole used in the LPs which would flatten out after 200km… So, you can expect a much bouncier, responsive ride for much longer, propelling the Lone Peak from a hiking shoe to a trail running shoe! 

  3. The Fit: Some say the fit is very close to the LP4.5s, and though there is not a huge change, I do believe that the LP5s have a more precise fit throughout. Slightly more snug in the toe-box area and around the heel collar making for less side-to-side foot movement on technical trails and descents, but still with ample room for your feet to splay over longer distances. 

  4. The Grip: So again, some say the outsole is the same, but I disagree. Altra is still using the MAXTRAC compound and the TRAILCLAW pattern at the forefoot of the shoe, however, on the LP5s, they have redesigned the lug pattern on the outsole, and the new chevron positions add a lot more bite to the traction of the shoe, giving you far more confidence on the downhills and on the technical sections!! Just beware, it stops on a dime!

  5. The Heel Collar: From reading reviews of the LP4.5s, I came across regular complaints that users would get hotspots on the Achilles, due to the double tabs that could be felt on the inside of the shoe. I never had a problem with the LP4.5s, but don’t expect any such concerns on the LP5s because the heel collar feels great! No slippage and you don’t even feel it’s there! 

  6. Structure: The structure of the LP5s is far more consistent! I retired my LP4.5s because parts of the shoe felt aged whilst others didn’t, deforming the shape somewhat. But this is nitpicking considering it still gave me 700km of trail use which is more than many other brands on the market! So, I am expecting more from the LP5s. 1000km? Possibly!

Lone Peak 5 Cons:
  1. Only one: Weight. The LP5s are heavier than the LP4.5s. It is still a decent weight for a well-built shoe, but I would have preferred the update to be lighter.
So, in conclusion! The Lone Peak 5s are definitely an upgrade over the Lone Peak 4.5s, and with the new EGO midsole, it’s an absolute game changer!!

But the next question is, do the LP5s have a place in my rotation next to my much beloved pair of Olympus 4.0s?
Well, the answer is VERY MUCH YES!

The Olympus 4.0 excel in long distance runs, keeping my legs and feet feeling fresher for longer! But with the improvements made with the Lone Peak 5s, for anything up to 100km, they are just faster, more responsive, snappier, nimbler, and dare I say grippier (on dry wintery trails or muddy conditions but probably not as grippy on wet rock) than the Olympus 4.0s.


  • Bobby Browning: December 29, 2020

    Did you size up or down for the 5 compared to the 4.5? I feel like the 4 and 4.5 had a sloppy feel still so I felt like I needed to size down but could due to length…

  • Bobby Browning: December 29, 2020

    Did you size up or down for the 5 compared to the 4.5? I feel like the 4 and 4.5 had a sloppy feel still so I felt like I needed to size down but could due to length…

  • Jimmy: December 23, 2020

    They seemed to give you a max speed boost too

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