ALTRA Olympus 4.0 review by Speedy JEFF Campbell

Posted on October 31 2020

ALTRA Olympus 4.0 review by Speedy JEFF Campbell

With not much racing going on these days, I thought I'd do a shoe review instead. I had been looking for some new shoes for my weekly long run. The good folks at
Gone Running
suggested I try the the Altra Olympus 4.0, which is Altra's latest version of their maximalist trail shoe.
I've always liked Altra's zero-drop, wide toe box philosophy, but I had never given the Olympus models a try. I tend to prefer light and nimble shoes, and to be honest the Olympus 4.0s are a bit 肥肥 (but, hey, we're all getting a little chunkier during these lockdowns 😜).
After a few hundred kms, these shoes really surprised me. For starters, they are COMFORTABLE. I went up a half size larger than normal (the toe box runs slightly short), but with that the fit was spot on. These are shoes that you can go all day in. Surprisingly for a high-stack shoe, I also found them to be really STABLE. I think this is due to the shoe's wide base, but there was no concern about rolling an ankle while running stairs. Finally, the GRIP is unreal. With their Vibram Megagrip outsoles and big lugs, the Olympus 4.0s are absolutely fantastic on the slippery stuff.

My Verdict: If you're looking for an all-day, zero-drop shoe that can handle the wet, I think these may be the best choice on the market right now.
If you've tried the Olympus 4.0s out yourself, let me know what you think!


因為最近幾乎沒有賽事,所以我就寫一篇評測吧。我之前都在找一雙跑鞋作長課之用,於是Gone Running的好友們就建議我試試這雙最新推出的頂級緩震越野跑鞋ALTRA Olympus 4。

我一直都很喜歡ALTRA的「零落差」(Zero Drop),以及寬闊頭鞋的品牌哲學,不過卻從未試穿過Olympus系列,因為我較喜歡輕巧、敏捷的鞋款,而Olympus 4的外形也確實有一點「肥肥」(不過最近因為疫情減少出外,我們也變得比較豐滿了😜)

穿上Olympus 4後跑了數百公里,發覺這雙鞋令我感到驚喜。首先,它真的十分舒適,我選了比平時大半號的尺寸(因為它的鞋櫳有一點短),與我雙腳配合得恰到好處,穿上它一整天也沒有問題。其次或者是歸功於鞋的設計較寬,所以縱使Olympus 4鞋底厚,但它仍然十分穩定,即使下樓梯時也不怕扭到腳踝。最後,Olympus 4的抓地力異常優秀,Vibram Megagrip 外底配上大顆膠粒分佈,即使在光滑的路面上,Olympus 4的表現仍然出色。

我的結論:若果你正在找尋一雙「零落差」、適合長時間跑並且能夠應付濕滑路面的越野跑鞋,我認為Olympus 4應該是現時市面上的最佳選擇。如果你也曾穿過Olympus 4,也讓我了解你的看法吧!


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