60 Second Q&A with FEREI Ambassador Angus Sak

Posted on June 08 2017

60 Second Q&A with FEREI Ambassador Angus Sak

Say hello to Angus Sak who has successfully made the transition from triathlons to trail running. With some great performances already at the 100K distance as well as MDS, he's already looking for the next challenge!

1. Where do you live and where are you from?

I am a Hong Konger, I was born and am living in Hong Kong!

2. Why did you get into trail running?

I am a triathlon coach. Four years ago, I got to know Ida Lee (9 Times Hong Kong Trailwalkers Champion in Female, Open and Mixed category) because I coached her in cycling. And she recommended me to have some trail running with her, my answer was why not!

3. Favourite race so far?

MDS (Marathon Des Sable) 7 Days 250km Desert Race is my favourite race so far. Stunning landscape and scenery. The best place to test my limit. I always say  "One Life One MDS"!

4. Dream race?

I heard that Badwater 216km race is the toughest race on Earth. I hope I can go in my lifetime.

5. Best trail racing result?
Recent result : 
2017 HK100 Race 15hr57mins, Gold Award

2017 Oxfam Korea Trailwalker overall Champion and Mixed Team Champion

6. Best trail memory?

2016 UTMB-CCC101km, stunning scenery. I'm looking forward to UTMB 170km this year.

7. Advice for beginners?

Start slow and short distance, build up step by step, otherwise you will easily get injured. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and know about each mountain for her character.

8. Your favourite piece of trail running kit or nutrition?

With more overseas race experience, now I can't rely on local Chinese food. I started to use Tailwind for nutrients recently and I find it helps me to refuel energy faster and also the taste is good.

9. What it means to you to be part of the Gone Running team?
Gone Running can satisfy the needs of trail running athletes because the shop is operated by professional athletes. They know our needs and I am happy to be the team that I can experience new tools and share the user experience as well as trail running experience.


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