60 second Q&A with #WAATEAM's Azlan Ithnin

Posted on March 17 2017

60 second Q&A with #WAATEAM's Azlan Ithnin

He's maybe not the fastest, but Azlan is one of the most passionate trail runners you will meet and that smile is, well, infectious!

1. Where do you live and where are you from?
A. I'm born in Singapore and am still living here.

2. Why did you get into trail running?
A. I had been road running for a few years but quickly got bored of it. My pursuit for newer challenges was given a push when I met Kilian Jornet in Singapore and discovered trail running.

3. Favourite race so far?

4. Dream race?
A. The UTMB 100 miler.

5. Best trail racing result?
A. About 23 hours at Hong Kong 100 this year, after a DNF in 2016 and a 30 hour near-cut-off experience at Translantau 100 in 2015.

6. Best trail memory?
A. Finally making the climb at Grand Col Ferret during the CCC.

7. Advice for beginners?
A. Be patient when it comes to injuries and be thorough in training.

8. Your favourite piece of WAA kit?
A. The ultra carrier shirt.

9. What it means to you to be part of the #WAATEAM?
A. It's a honor to be part of the global WAA team and to be able to connect with many like minded runners from all walks of life.


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