Big Foot Shoe Collection - UPDATED Feb 2024

Posted on January 08 2021

Big Foot Shoe Collection - UPDATED Feb 2024


We know how difficult it can be to find large shoe sizes for both Men and Women so we are trying to make the process more simple.

Below you will find shortcuts to the collections we have for all the larger sizes. These links will provide you with an immediate overview of all the large shoes we have in that size at any particular time. Some are empty at the moment but we are looking to expand the range we have. 

We have also started a Whatsapp Group to communicate directly with people who would like to express a preference for sizes and brands.

You can join the WhatsApp group by scanning the QR code HERE

Or click on the link HERE

We will give you a heads up when new stock arrives and ask your thoughts when new orders can be placed. 

We will endeavour to expand our availability in these larger sizes.


WOMEN  (US10.0)  (US10.5) (US 11) (US 11.5) (US 12.0)

MEN 12-5  (US 12.5) (US 13) (US 14.0) (US 15.0) (US 16.0


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