60 second Q&A with At One guru Brendan O'Boyle

Posted on March 17 2017

60 second Q&A with At One guru Brendan O'Boyle

He's only recently seen the light and swapped the bitumen for trails but, with a sub-35 PB for the 10K, we think you'll be seeing a lot more of him in future.

1. Where do you live and where are you from?
A. I currently live just off the somewhat chaotic and claustrophobic Temple Street in Jordan - which is one of the many reasons why I escape the city and hit the trails at any given opportunity. Before moving to Hong Kong in August 2016, I lived in London but grew up in the south west of England.

2. Why did you get into trail running?
A. Aside from the few times I'd ventured off-road when traveling, trail running was very much alien to me. I'd followed a few trail runners on Instagram so when I arrived in Hong Kong I really wanted to see what all the fuss was about. After my first time out on the trails I was instantly hooked. Trail running makes me feel carefree and elated whilst reconnecting me with nature in a way that road running simply can't compete with.

3. Favourite race so far?
A. The 9 Dragons Ultra (50km race). It was my first ultra and it didn't disappoint at all. It was tough as hell but exceptionally stunning to run.

4. Dream race?
A. The Jungle Ultra in Peru and UTMF in Japan really appeal to me but ultimately the 4 Deserts race would be my dream race solely down to the diverse terrains the series takes place over.

5. Best trail racing result?
A. I've yet to finish a race in 1st place but I've come closest in the 35km HK Rally 2016 race where I was leading before taking a detour and before finishing 2nd. I'm feeling fit at the moment so hopefully I can push for a first place finish in the near future.

6. Best trail memory?
A. The first time I ran section 3 of the Mac trail is definitely up there. I love exploring new paths and this trail exceeded my expectations tenfold.

7. Advice for beginners?
A. Get out there, enjoy every step you take and discover new paths - you never know where it will take you. Repeat.

8. What it means to be a brand ambassador and guru for #AtOneBars?
A. For me, keeping energized on the trails and eating a nutritious and balanced diet is just as important as the training I undergo and races I run. So, I'm hugely excited to take At One with me on my trail adventures - it gives me great motivation to keep striving to be the best runner I can be.


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