Bringing your A-Game - with Jeff Campbell

Posted on March 22 2018

We were privileged to have Hong Kong Male Runner of the Year and #WAAELITE, Jeff Campbell​, in the shop to walk us through his tips on bringing your A-game to a race. Read on for some key takeaways for any aspiring trail runner.

  1. Don't forget to warm up. Jeff likes to spend 10-30 mins, shorter for long races, longer for short races. This will help you get ahead of any early bottlenecks.
  2. Jeff's race day nutrition is a light brekky, then Tailwind and GU gels for 200-300 calories per hour during the run. In the race lead-up, he'll eat the same calories but avoids fibre. In general, he sticks with a sensible diet and portions including "eating the rainbow" and often trains on little food or water to help get water and fat adjusted.
  3. For training, there are no short-cuts to doing the miles and key workouts are hill intervals, strength work and your long run. Ultra runners don't do enough speed work and could benefit from a short race or two! Don't forget to practice your downhills "with purpose" if you want to get faster.
  4. Lap up the summer training, when it feels terrible. Don't say, "I'm only running 7 minute KMs. If it sucks, then it's working!"


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