Can't find a HOKA Speedgoat?, What are the alternatives?

Posted on January 04 2022

Can't find a HOKA Speedgoat?, What are the alternatives?


Supply chain challenges have restricted supply globally of the HOKA Speedgoat, one of most popular trail shoes on the market. 

Current supplies of Speedgoat 4 are low and Speedgoat 5 has been delayed until June 2022. (We do have some Speedgoat 4's though!)

So what to do if you need a new pair of trail crushers in the interim?. 

We would recommend you look at two main alternatives. The HOKA Mafate Speed 3 and the ALTRA Olympus 4.


We have made this simple comparison table:


First things first, all of these shoes come equipped with Vibram MegaGrip. In Hong Kong conditions, the go-to outsole for really confident grip. 

Secondly, all have plenty of cushioning, 32mm or 33 mm at the heel and in the case of the Olympus, 33mm at the forefoot too. The others have 4mm drop.

The Speedgoat 4 has a reputation for being a bit stiff and both the Mafate Speed 3 and the Olympus 4, and especially the Olympus 4 are much more flexible. In the case of the Olympus 4 the midsole design and the outer sole grooves give a feeling of grabbing the rocks and provides a very stable feeling. 

The Mafate Speed 3 is slightly narrower than the Speedgoat but the Olympus, with ALTRA.s signature Footshape, gives plenty of room for toes to spread without giving a sloppy feeling.  

So the conclusion is, there are clearly great alternatives out there even if you cant find your Speedgoats. Come in and talk to us, we have run many miles in all of these shoes and can help you get the right fit. 

Oh, and by the way, they are all the same price $1400hkd


If you would like to check out the latest stocks of each shoe click







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