COROS VERTIX 2 - We take it for a spin

Posted on October 29 2021

COROS VERTIX 2 - We take it for a spin


COROS have just launched the next generation of the VERTIX watch, the V2 and we thought it would be a good idea to take it for a spin and see how it performs.

On paper it has stunning performance: 

* 140 hours battery life on full GPS
* 60 days battery life on normal watch use!
* Can scan 5 satellite systems and work on a duel frequency simultaneously. Previously only available on aeronautical products
* Titanium Bezel, 3x more time scratch -resistant
* Only watch to offer global offline mapping
* 32GB built-in-storage for music, map, routes etc.
* ECG from your wrist
* Audio-enabled bluetooth & music
* wi-fi connectivity
* Insta360 camera control
* 92g
* 1.4 inch screen
* 16% higher resolution

That's an impressive list but what really works in the real world and what will prove to be useful?. That of course, depends very much what you want from your GPS watch. 

For the last week we have been living with the watch and simply adding it in to the normal running cycle. From that, we formed a picture of how it truly provided improvements without making any special efforts to explore every new feature, some of which you might never us in reality. 

The first and obvious change is that this is by far the largest watch COROS have made. It makes the PACE 2 seem even more featherlight and at 92g is around 40g heavier than the VERTIX 1. 

However, this was absolutely not noticeable in everyday use. I actually liked the size of the watch because the readability of the watch face is also much better than the VERTIX 1. Great if you are pushing hard in intervals or glancing during a pacey longer run. The watch face is really big and super easy to read. 

Of course the battery life is just incredible. I have been running every day with the watch and it drains by 1 % per day. Perhaps it wont be linear but that would be 100 days between charges... so I will be charging this watch about 4 times per year!... that's unbelievable. 

The major update I wondered most about though was the ability of the watch to read all 5 satellite location systems and also work on a Dual-frequency at the same time. The 5 systems are GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS. The aim being to significantly improve the accuracy of tracking. 

So we did a simple test. 

Everyone knows if your run clockwise around Happy Valley the GPS records significantly more distance than if your run anti-clockwise. It isn't to do with running on the left of the track each time but it's a GPS anomaly where when clockwise the trace flicks out onto the grass track. The difference is significant, around 100mtrs over the 1.35km distance of the track. Over a half marathon that means your reach your 21.1km 1 lap earlier if run clockwise rather than anticlockwise. Great for all those virtual half marathons out there!!.

So we put the VERTIX 2 to the test and the result was obvious


The Vertix 2 track is 100% locked onto the road and with each lap hardly any variability. However a single GPS track does the familiar trick of jumping onto the grass and indeed the 100mtres difference was removed. 

In a city like Hong Kong with a substantial number of large buildings and dense trees on trails, this is a fantastic advantage. Tracking has absolutely been improved. 

The last new feature I really like is the HRV measurement. This is Heart Rate Variability. The higher the better and it is increasingly used as a measure of stress and fatigue. 

Its a simple routine of loading up the app and spending 1 minute while the watch reads your hear rate variability. A great way to put a number on your actual stress levels. 

I haven't had the opportunity to test the mapping function, but that too is supposed to be significantly improved and with that big screen and improved GPS tracking it looks set to be a winner. 

This is a phenomenal watch and also, if the mood takes you, you can load up some tunes (although that doesn't appeal to me).

Love this watch.... absolutely fabulous. 






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