Hong Kong Trail Running Awards 2016/17 Nominees

Posted on July 18 2017

Hong Kong Trail Running Awards 2016/17 Nominees

The following is a list of all the nominees in each category for the 2016/17 Hong Kong Trail Running Awards. For a more detailed explanation of the selection process for the HKTRA, please refer here.

WAA Female Runner of the Year - For consistently outstanding trail racing performances in Hong Kong and/or overseas by a female runner.
最佳女運動員 - 表揚該年度在香港或國外越野跑比賽均表現出色的女跑手


 1.  Mei Ying Wong

A strong season for Mei Ying included victories at the XTE Midsummer Races in Mui Wo and Shing Mun, plus the XTE New Year Mountain Race, as well as podiums at the Hong KongnTrail Half Marathons in Sai Kung and Hong Kong Island, as well as the Salomon X-Trail High Island.

Mei Ying於今季有出色的表現,包括 XTE仲夏越野賽 - 梅窩站及城門站,XTE元旦東北縱走的優勝者。也是香港越野賽半程 - 西貢站和香港站,以及Salomon X-Trail 萬宜水庫站的領獎台站者


2.  Marie McNaughton
Despite racing most weekends, Marie was almost unbeatable at the longer Hong Kong races with over a dozen wins including The North Face 100 and TransLantau, 3rd at the highly competitive HK100, as well as some excellent overseas results like 5th at Lavaredo, 6th at Ultra Trail Australia and 8th in the Ultra Trail World Tour.

即使在最多賽季的週末,Marie 在香港的賽事當中幾乎所向無敵,包括TNF100以及TransLantau100。HK100進入三名內,在外國賽事均有出色表現包括Lavaredo第五名,ULTRA-TRAIL® 世界巡迴賽 - 澳洲站第八名。


3.  Elsa Jeandedieu
Back to her excellent form from a couple years back, Elsa was a regular on the podium, with the highlights being wins at The Green Race Ultra 70K and the 9 Dragons 50K, plus runner up positions at King of the Hills Tai Po Full Marathon and Lantau Half Marathon, and 11th at HK100.

Elsa 是領獎台的常客,出色表現並勝出於The Green Race Ultra 70公里以及the 9 Dragons 50公里。山野之王大埔站全程以及大嶼山半程亞軍,HK100第十一名。


4.  Nicole Wing Yan Leung 梁穎恩
While not racing as often, Nicole still had a fine year, with a number of excellent results, including wins at The North Face 50 Hong Kong and Green Race Plover Cove 30K, 3rd overall team at the Raleigh Challenge 78K, 6th overall team at Oxfam Trailwalker, and 10th at the highly competitive HK100.

雖然不是賽事常客,Nicole今年亦有出色表現,包括勝出TNF50及 The Green Race Plover Cove 30公里,雷利衛徑長征組別第三名,樂施毅行者全場組別第六名,HK100第十名。


5.  Zein Williams
Once again dominated the shorter local races, including victories at Lantau 2 Peaks, Lantau Vertical and the King of the Hill Half Marathons at Lantau and Hong Kong Island, as well as a stunning win in tough conditions at the Lantau 70.

主力短途本地賽事,勝出包括Lantau 2 Peaks, Lantau Vertical,山野之王半程大嶼山站及香港站,大嶼山 70公里賽事。


6.  Yin Hung Tsang
Winner of the Garmin 42K and XTE Mid-Autumn Night Race as well as podiums at UTMT TTF, The North Face 100, XTE Ferei Dark 45, plus a number of strong performances, Yin Hung had a great season from start to finish.

包括勝出Garmin 42公里,XTE仲夏越野賽,環大帽山越野跑-荃打火, TNF100, XTE FEREI 麥徑黑夜45的頒獎台站者,Ada於今個賽季均有強勢表現。



The Green Race Male Runner of the Year - For consistently outstanding trail racing performances in Hong Kong and/or overseas by a male runner.
The Green Race
最佳男運動員 - 表揚該年度在香港或國外越野跑比賽均表現出色的男跑手


1.  Jeff Campbell
Imperious form all season, with an almost-perfect 12 wins and 1 second from 13 races, with feature  wins at Lantau Vertical and three of the King of the Hill Half Marathons (and overall series champion), as well as new course records for both Stairmasters and the Green Race Braemar Hill. Hong Kong hasn't seen this raw speed for years.

13場比賽中獲得了近乎完美的12勝,其中一場比賽只差一秒便是13勝。 Lantau Vertical勝出者,山野之王三站的全場總冠軍,以及在Stairmastersthe Green Race - 寶馬山站刷出新紀錄。是香港近年少有的速度型跑手。


2.  Jacky Leung
Had a consistently strong season, starting with Team Salomon's 3rd at Oxfam Trailwalker, runner up in the King of the Hills Full Marathon series (with podiums at Lantau, Sai Kung and Tai Po), plus a fighting 2nd at TransLantau 100 and 3rd at the 9 Dragons 50/50.

Jacky 在今季表現強勢穩定,包括樂施毅行者 - Team Salomon 第三名,山野之王系列賽全程總排名第二名(包括大嶼山站,西貢站和大埔站),TransLantau 100第二名及the 9 Dragons 50/50 第三名。


3.  Michael Skobierski
Great results across the spectrum of distances, grabbing the King of the Hills Full Marathon crown with wins at Lantau and Tai Po (plus 2nd at the Hong Kong Island Half Marathon), victory at the Hard as Nayls 42K, runner up at the MSIG Hong Kong 25K, and first of the Hong Kong runners at HK100 in 11:19 in his maiden solo 100K.

山野之王全程 - 大埔站和大嶼山站的冠軍,香港站半程亞軍。勝出Hard as Nayls 42K公里,MSIG 香港站 25公里亞軍,以及HK100以11小時19分完成首個個人100公里賽。

4.  Wong Ho Chung
Another strong season by the North Face runner, with wins at The North Face 50, the Garmin 100 and UTMT YTF, but the highlights were probably 28th position in the Ultra Trail World Tour and a gutsy 10th at a highly competitive Marathon Des Sables.

來自TNF的運動員,勝出包括TNF50,Garmin 100 及環大帽山越野賽 - 元打火。ULTRA-TRAIL® 世界巡迴賽排名28 ,在競爭激烈的Marathon Des Sables排名第十。


5.  Vlad Ixel
Another fantastic season, as we've come to expect from Vlad, with wins at Moontrekker Sunrise, Lantau 2 Peaks, 9 Dragons 50K and the Green Race Ultra 35K, plus some great overseas races like 12th at TransVulcania and 25th at the IAU World Trail Running Championships.

勝出包括Moontrekker 43公里,Lantau 2 Peaks,9 Dragons 50K以及the Green Race Ultra 35公里, 海外賽事包括TransVulcania第十二名以及IAU 世界越野跑錦標賽第二十五名。


6.  Stone Tsang
Didn't race as much last season but made each race count with hard fought wins at The North Face 100, Green Race Ultra 70K and anchoring the victorious Team Hong Kong at Country of Origin, as well as runner up at Moontrekker Sunrise and an unlucky 2nd at HK4TUC.

上賽季的比賽不算多,但是在TNF100,Green Race Ultra 70公里賽事中,每場比賽都取得了很大的成功,並且勝出了Country of Origin - 香港隊,以及Moontrekker 43公里的亞軍, 並且在香港四大山徑超級挑戰中不幸取得第二名。



XU Master Runner of the Year - For consistently outstanding trail racing performances in Hong Kong and/or overseas by a runner over the age of 45 on 1 May 2016.


1.  Frank Pilkington
Over 70 years old and still running well, Frank still mixes it up with the younger runners, grabbing 3rd M65 at AVOHK Reservoir series at Tai Tam and Aberdeen, plus 6th, 8th, 8th and 11th M60 at the King of Hills Half Marathon races.

雖年過70但仍能和其他年輕的跑者一較長短,於AVOHK水塘系列大潭及香港仔站奪得組別第三名,分別在山野之王半程取得第六, 兩場第八及第十一名的成績。


2.  Janine Canham
Such an incredible season over a variety of races, with Janine with 10 category wins but also consistently on the overall women's podium, including 3rd and a Master course record at Green Power 50, 2nd at the Bhutan International Marathon, 3rd at the 9 Dragons 50/50, 4th at the grueling 160K Everest Trail Race, and 4th overall at MSIG Sai Kung 22K.

在各種各樣的比賽中,Janine共取得10個組別的勝利,而且一直也是女子頒獎台的常客,其中包括在Green Power 50取得元老組女子第三名,不丹國際馬拉松第二名,The 9 Dragons50 / 50第三名,160公里Everest Trail Race第四名,亦是MSIG西貢22公里全場第四。


3.  Paul Tsang
Another amazing year from the effervescent 63 year old, and once again the oldest finisher of Hong Kong Grand Slam of Running (Oxfam Trailwalker, The North Face 100, HK100 and TransLantau 100) with an overall time of 99:19.

63歲之齡急速冒起,亦是香港大滿貫(樂施毅行者,The North Face 100HK100TransLantau 100)最大年紀的完成者,總時間是99:19

4.  Thomas Hardcastle
Tom had a fabulous year with 2nd overall at the XTE New Year Mountain Race, and category wins at the AVOHK Reservoir Series (Shing Mun, Tai Tam, Aberdeen), King of the Hills Half Marathon (Lantau, Sai Kung, Tai Po), Hong Kong Trail Half Marathon (Sai Kung, Hong Kong Island), a clean sweep of the XTE Midsummer Night Races and the MSIG Hong Kong 25K.

TomXTE元旦東北縱走中獲得了第二名。分別在AVOHK水塘系列(城門,大潭,香港仔),山野之王半程(大嶼山,西貢,大埔), 香港山徑半程馬拉松(西貢及香港站),XTE仲夏夜賽以及MSIG香港25公里的組別第一名。

5.  Cheung Man Sing Michael
Excelled in the shorter distances with 12 category wins between 8K and 21K during the season, including the Yuen Long X-Country Race, XTE Sea to Summit 15K, Run for Smile 10K Hysan Healthy Run 13K, and the highly competitive Mount Butler Heritage Race.

短距離比賽表現出色的跑手,8公里至12公里的比賽當中共12場的組別冠軍,包括元朗越野賽,XTE Sea to Summit 15公里,Run for Smile 10公里, 希慎 Healthy Run 13公里,以及畢拿山古蹟賽。

6.  Mo Devlin
Another big year for the effervescent Scotsman, racing over 20 races and not missing a category podium. Feature overall results included 1st Salomon TTT 12K, 1st XTE New Year's Day Race, 2nd AAE Sprint Sai Kung, 2nd XTE Sunset Race, 3rd Hard As Nayls Half Marathon, 4th 9 Dragons 50K as well as the age group champions for the King of the Hills Half Marathon, AVOHK Reservoir and AVOHK 5K series.



Joint Dynamics Youth Runner of the Year - For consistently outstanding trail racing performances in Hong Kong and/or overseas by a runner under the age of 25 on 1 May 2016.
Joint Dynamics
最佳青年組運動員 - 表揚該年度在香港或國外越野跑比賽均表現出色的25歲或以下跑手(年齡以該201651日為止計算)


1.  Ng Wai Hei 吳瑋曦
It was another season to remember for Wai Hei, with an overall win at XTE HK168 33K, category wins at Lantau 70, Lantau Vertical (4th overall) and the XTE Midsummer Night Races in Shing Mun and Tai Tam, plus category runner up at the Hong Kong Trail Half Marathons in Sai Kung and Hong Kong Island and Green Race Pottinger.

在這個賽季曦仔令人印象深刻,XTE 香港168 三十三公里第一名,Lantau 70公里組別冠軍,Lantau Vertical組別冠軍及總排名第四,XTE仲夏越野賽 - 城門站及大潭站組別第一名。在香港山徑半程馬拉松 - 西貢站和港島站以及在The Green Race - 砵甸乍分別取得組別亞軍

2.  Wat King Long 屈景朗 (Long KL)
KL was tough to beat over the shorter trail races, winning his category in most races. These included the Yuen Long X-Country Race, Sunset Run, Salomon X-Trail High Island (4th overall), Totem Run 16K and the XTE Midsummer Night Races in Shing Mun and Tai Tam (overall 1st and 2nd respectively).

景朗在短途賽當中,包攬所有組別冠軍,包括元朗越野賽,黃昏跑,Salomon X-Trail -  萬宜水庫(全場第四名),圖騰跑16公里以及XTE仲夏越野賽 - 城門及大潭站全場第二及第三名。

3.  Tang Ying Fei Nathania
The highlight of Nathania's season was a category sweep of the three XTE Mid-Autumn Night Races (Challenge, Mui Wo and Shing Mun), finishing 1st in category and overall 3rd, 3rd and 4th.

Nathania的亮點是三場XTE的比賽,分別在中秋夜挑戰賽,仲夏夜越野賽 - 梅窩站和城門站,取得組別第一,第三(全場第三)和第四的成績。

4.  Maxime Frossard
A great season by the youngster, capped by category wins at TransLantau 25 and the XTE Mid-Autumn Night Race, plus 4th mixed pair at Moontrekker 30K and anchoring Fast Kids to 11th overall at the Lantau 70 Relay.

齡紀最小的Maxime,分別在TransLantau 25公里,以及XTE中秋夜挑戰賽組別冠軍,Moontrekker 30公里混合組第四名,年紀輕輕並取得Lantau 70公里接力賽全場第十一名

5.  Tong Hei Chun
Despite juggling school commitments, the 18 year old had some great race performances including category wins at XTE Ferei Dark 45 and the XTE Sai Kung 68, as well as overall 15th at the 9 Dragons 50/50 and overall 27th at UTMT TTF.

十八歲已在比賽中有很好的表現,包括XTE FEREI 麥徑黑夜45公里及XTE西貢68公里組別冠軍,the 9 Dragons 50/50 總排名15,環大帽山越野跑 - 荃打火總排名27。


Salomon Most Improved Female Runner - Awarded to the runner who has shown the greatest improvement in trail running performances over the course of the 2016/17 season.


1.  Janice Cheung
Showed great improvement over both the long and short races, with two feature results being 5th at the Hard As Nayls Full Marathon and 4th at Moontrekker 30K.

在長途和短途的比賽中都取得了很大的進步,其中兩場特色賽事是Hard As Nayls 全馬的第五名,Moontrekker 30公里第四名。

2.  Adelinda Albarin
Another big season with all the hard training paying off. Key race results included 2nd XTE Midsummer Night Race Mui Wo, 3rd at Hysan Healthy Hike & Run and the Ferei Dark 45, 4th Hard As Nayls, plus 6th at Lantau Vertical and UTMT TTF.

XTE仲夏越野賽梅窩站第二名,希慎 Healthy Hike & Run以及 XTE FEREI 麥徑黑夜45第三名。 Hard As Nayls 第四名,Lantau Vertical 以及環大帽山越野跑 - 荃打火第六名。

3.  Emily Woodland
Took some big strides over the 2016/17 season, despite some terrible injuries. Highlights included 2nd at The North Face 50 Hong Kong, plus podiums at TransLantau 50, King of the Hills Marathons at Tai Po and Sai Kung, plus a fighting 15th at Lavaredo Ultra Trail 120K.

儘管受傷,但在2016/17賽季取得了一些重大進展。 包括TNF50香港站第二名, TransLantau 50 以及山野之王 - 大埔站和西貢站頒獎台的站者。Lavaredo Ultra Trail 120公里排名15

4.  Frances Lai
Some great results, both solo and team, including 6th at Stairmaster Twins, 9th Salomon To The Top and a category 2nd at the Totem Run 57K.

不輪在個人賽或團隊賽均有很好的成績,包括Stairmaster Twins的第六名,Salomon To The Top 第九名以及圖騰跑組別第二名。

5.  Habiba Benahmed
Habiba had a wonderful season of improvement, with some feature results being 2nd at XTE HK168, 5th at UTMT TTF, 7th at the King of the Hills Sai Kung Marathon.

Habiba在今季有很大進步,包括XTE HK168 第二名,環大帽山越野跑 - 荃打火第五名,山野之王西貢站第七名。

6.  Wendy Porterfield
A great break out season from Wendy, with wins at the LBC Lantau Ladies Race and Lantau 2 Peaks 15K, as well as 4th MSIG HK 25K, 5th at the C3fit Bonaqua Action Sprint Discovery Bay and 8th at MSIG Lantau 27K (Asian Skyrunning Championship).

Wendy在今季有很大的脫變,LBC Lantau Ladies Race 及 Lantau 2 Peaks 15公里取得冠軍,以及MSIG 香港站 25公里第四名,C3fit 飛雪動感亞洲 - 愉景灣站第五名,MSIG Lantau 27公里第八名(亞洲Skyrunning 錦標賽)


Tailwind Most Improved Male Runner - Awarded to the runner who has shown the greatest improvement in trail running performances over the course of the 2016/17 season.


1.  Isaac Yuen
By focusing on mental strength and targeting big overseas races, Isaac showed great improvement during 2016/17, including 1st HK168 as well as first runner-up at TMMT 100K and Penang ECO 100 in Malaysia and Beach Bunch 100K in Brunei, which helped him to third overall at the Asia Trail Master Championship.

擁有一個很強的心理質素,主打國外大型賽事,Isaac於今季取得很大的進步,包括HK168TMMT 100公里,以及馬來西亞Penang ECO 100,汶莱Beach Bunch 100公里中取得第一,這幫助了他在Asia Trail Master Championship中取得全場第三的成績。

2.  Lau Kam Yuen (Max)
Max moved from Muay Thai fighting to trail running in 2013 and had a wonderful season including wins at UTMT YTF 50K and the Lantau 70 Relay, as well as category wins at Stairmaster Twins and Lantau, and a first up HK100 time of 11:47.

由泰拳到2013年轉戰越野跑,Max分別於環大帽山越野跑-元打火, Lantau 70 接力賽取得勝利。並於Stairmaster Twins and Lantau取得組別冠軍,HK100成績為11小時47分鐘

3.  Jeff Campbell
A big pre-season saw Jeff evolve from a top 5 runner into an unbeatable speed machine in 2016/17, scoring an almost-perfect 12 wins (including 3 course records) in 13 races. It's worth noting his only "blemish" was 2nd at Green Power in his first 50K finish (he DNF'd at TNF50 the previous season).

13場比賽中獲得了幾乎完美的12勝(包括刷新3場賽事記錄),Jeff由頭五名的跑手轉變成於2016-17年當中無人能及的速度機器,他唯一的瑕疵在首個個人50公里比賽 - Green Power中排名第二(值得注意的,Jeff於上季TNF50未能完賽)

4.  Nick Cook
In only his second full season of trail racing, Nick entered nearly 40 races. From a top 100 runner in 2015/16, Nick was regularly making the top 20. Key performances were Stairmaster Twins (72nd in 2:25 to 20th in 1:56), Action Asia Sprint Discovery Bay (66th in 2:01 to 16th in 1:52) and King of the Hills Tai Po Half Marathon (102nd in 2:30 to 39th in 2:10).

Nick 在他的第二個賽季中,參加了近40場比賽。 2015/16賽季前100名選手當中,Nick定期排名前20名。主要表現包括Stairmaster Twins(由第72名的2小時25分,進步至第20名的1小時56分),動感亞洲 - 愉景灣站(由66名的2小時01分,進步至16名的1小時52分,)山野之王大埔半程馬拉松(由第102名的2小時30分進步至第39名的2小時10分)。

5.  Wai Lun Mok (Thierry)
Really emerged as a top runner last season, with key results being category positions of 1st XTE New Year NE Mountain Race, 2nd Sowers Action 42K, 3rd at XTE WAA NE50 25K and Yuen Long X-Country Race, plus 5th at the 9 Dragons 50K and Totem Run 57K.

Thierry上季出現並成為頂尖跑手,XTE元旦東北縱走第一名,Sowers Action 42公里第二名,XTE WAA香港東北 25公里及元朗越野賽第三名,9 Dragons 50K及圖騰跑第五名。



Runivore Best Solo Run - For the best trail run of the 2016/17 season by a single runner. It can be an extraordinary feat of achievement that astounded and inspired other runners, trailblazing a new path, or courage against the odds.
最佳個人表現獎 - 表揚該年度在越野跑比賽有 最佳個人表現,最能發其他跑者,並擁有驚人的行動力和冒險精神去完成個人比賽


1.  Andre Blumberg - Millenium Quest
"It cannot be done... It is impossible." But Andre doesn't do impossible - he completed 1,008km and 24,750m D+ over four races in Germany within seven weeks, becoming only the second ever 7-week finisher as well as second fastest finisher ever (including two single race podiums!).

太難了......這是不可能做到!" 但於Andre字典中是沒有"不可能"的。他七個星期往來德國參加四賽事,完成了1008公里共24750米攀升。是 全球第二位於七週完成此四賽, 亦是第二位最快完成此四賽事( 其中兩賽是第一位到終點)

2.  Stone Tsang - Hong Kong 4 Trails Ultra Challenge
Despite taking an early wrong turn, Stone smiled and pushed hard all run, and became only the second sub-60 hour finisher of HK4TUC, reaching the green Mui Wo postbox in 54:15. He also raised over HK$500,000 in cash and other donations for kids sports development programmes.

儘管剛開始便走錯方向, 小強信念明確,一路向前跑,一路面帶輕鬆笑容, 成為第二位在60小時完成香港四徑跑者, 共跑了54小時15分到達梅窩郵箱終點。 他亦籌得超過港幣50萬元, 捐款給予兒童發展計劃。

3.  Fanny Wu - Hong Kong 4 Trails Ultra Challenge
Fanny had an incredible run, super solid throughout, and finished as sole female survivor at this year's HK4TUC. Her time of 73:26 is also a new record for the ladies, beating Jeri Chua's 77:10 in 2016.

女跑者當中Fanny的驚人耐力,意志堅定, 令人難以置信。 她配速穩定亦是今年香港四徑唯一一位女幸存者, 一共跑了73小時26分締造了新女子完成紀錄,比之前的紀錄,差不多快四小時。

4.  Angela Flynn - 9 Dragons 50/50
The 9 Dragons 50/50 is maybe Hong Kong's toughest multi-stage race, with back to back ultras and seemingly non-stop climbing. At times, Angela looked completely beaten, but soldiered on to finish fourth lady.

9 Dragons 50/50相信是香港其中一個最艱難的多天賽事,50英里+50公里兩天之完成,Angela 攀過一個又一個的山峰,沒有被不停的攀升擊倒並成為第四位完成賽事的女性。

5.  Tom Robertshaw - Hong Kong 4 Trails Ultra Challenge
After falling agonisingly short of the sub-60 in a magnificent effort in 2016, Tom was determined to make amends and did it in style. He ran an almost perfect race, finishing in an unbelievable 53:00 - it's hard to see anyone breaking that for a long time!

2016年還差一點點就能於香港四徑中跑入60小時。今年初Tom決定再戰四徑, 但今次準備更加充足。勝利是留給有準備的人成就今次TOM53小時完成香港四徑,而且大破大會之前記錄。

6.  Eti Rodriguez - Ultraks Matterhorn 30K
It's always great to see Hong Kong runners taking it to the Europeans on home ground, and that's what Eti did. He beat a strong field over this tough mountain course in Zermatt to finish first in 3:04.

很多香港跑者出外比賽, 但能到外地比賽而且可以贏到賽事, 就不是太多例子。Eti 就例外, 他於Zermatt的艱苦山賽, 以3小時04分第一名到終



RaceBase Best Team Run Award - For the best trail run of the 2016/17 season by a team of runners. It can be an extraordinary feat of achievement that astounded and inspired other runners, trailblazing a new path, or courage against the odds.
最佳隊伍獎 - 當個年度最佳越野跑隊伍,最能發其他跑者,並擁有驚人的行動力和冒險精神地去完成隊伍比賽


1.  Cookie Devil at Raleigh Challenge - Nicole Lau and Leo Chung
It's unusual for a mixed team to take overall line honours but Nicole and Leo blitzed the field, completing the Challenger Whole Course (full 78K Wilson Trail) in just 12:01, and smiling all the way too.


2.  Team Hong Kong at Country of Origin - Siu Keung Tsang (Stone), Chun Kit Tsang (Ying), Wong Kawai
Local heros Stone, Ying and Kawai held off a super competitive field to bring home the first win for Hong Kong. Their finishing time of 3:08 also smashed the previous record (slightly different course) by over 20 minutes.

三位本地越野跑精英(曾小強,曾俊傑, 黄家偉)組成香港隊參賽。毫無疑問香港隊,以驚人速度3小時08分完成,比大會記錄快超過20分鐘。

3.  2XU at Oxfam Trailwalker - Nicol Boyd, Dan Parr, Anders Kartik and Peter Lee
A super strong, well paced race, eventually overcoming Team Salomon for second overall and first Hong Kong team. Unlucky not to break the 13 hour barrier after being directed the wrong way near the finish line.


4.  Fast Kids at Lantau 70 Relay - Maxime Frossard, Olivia Niemy, Taco Lee and Martin Pintrava
Despite giving away over century of years to some other teams, these youngsters battled hard all day and came home strong to finish 18th overall in a fabulous time of 11:39.

相比其他隊,他們可能欠缺了比賽經驗及耐力,但年輕人的精力,幹勁,Fast Kids隊每位隊員都擁有,這隊年輕人最戰鬥了11小時39分完成了Lantau 70 Relay,成為全場第18隊完成。

5.  Team Japan at COO - Mr Toshinobu Ehara, Mr Go Yamaguchi, Mr Takahiro Hamai, Ms Akiko Kimata, Mr Tatsuta Kimata and Naoko Yamaguchi
Really personified the spirit of Country of Origin, with a fantastic team spirit, crazy good costumes and stopped at checkpoints to pose for photos. Team Japan also did two trash pick up runs before and after the race.



The Andy Naylor Best Sportsmanship Award - For the runner who best exemplifies the trail running ideals of sportsmanship, fairness, integrity, respect and excellence, either in a single noteworthy action or consistently over the course of the season.
Andy Naylor
最佳運動員精神獎 - 表揚最有運動家精神,當中包括公平,有誠信以及無論在比賽或山界均表現卓越。


1.  Leung Chun Keung (Jacky)
He's been one of Hong Kong's top trail runners for the past few years with wins and podiums at TransLantau 100, 9 Dragons 50/50, Oxfam Trailwalker, King of the Hills and Stairmaster (just to name a few), but is also one of the Hong Kong's most friendly and sharing trail runners.

Jacky是香港頂尖越野跑運動員,過去幾年贏得獎項無數,ie. TransLantau 1009 Dragons 50/50,樂施TrailwalkerKing of the HillsStairmaster等等。另一方面, Jacky亦是供認香港最友善,最無私分享跑步經驗的跑手。

2.  Agnes Cheng
A long ultra specialist, Agnes had solid runs at Lavaredo, TransLantau and Lantau 70, and is a regular volunteer at trail events. She is committed to helping others, as evidenced by her work with Free to Run and Stone Tsang's Hong Kong 4 Trails Ultra Challenge fundraising.

越野長征專家這稱号,Agnes當之無愧。AgnesLavaredoTranslandantLantau 70有穩定的表現,亦經常作義工,致力幫助很多有關越野跑的活動及有需要協助織,如Free to Run 及曾小強香港四徑挑戰籌款活動。

3.  Tom Robertshaw
This year's incredible winning time of 53:00 at the Hong Kong 4 Trails Ultra Challenge cement's Tom at the top of the super-ultra trail running scene in Hong Kong, which is matched by his humility and passion for the sport.


4.  Loz Wong
This relative newcomer to the Hong Kong trail running scene has already achieved so much, including raising funds for the White Helmets and Free to Run with expeditions to Aconcagua and Bhutan, is a regular race volunteer, and gave up a strong time at the 9 Dragons 50K to help a dehydrated runner get airlifted to safety.

Loz於越野跑可算是新手,但於多項越野比賽得到一定成績。更參與很多籌款活動,包括White Helmet Free To Run並遠征至Aconcagua Bhutan。他亦參與很多個義工活動,又於9 Dragons比賽當中,放棄比賽,協助拯救比賽傷者。

5.  Stone Tsang
A fierce competitor who never gives up - as demonstrated by fighting victories at The North Face 100 Hong Kong and The Green Race Ultra - but combined with a seemingly never-ending desire to help and support others to be their best.

本著永不放棄的精神,本土其中一位最出色越野跑運動員-曾小強於TNF100KThe Green Race Ultra出盡氣力比賽獲得佳績。除了比賽,對於有需要幫助的人士或團體,小亦盡心盡力幫助。



2XU Best Race - For the Race Director and their team who organise Hong Kong's best race or series, having regard for the race course and checkpoints, overall atmosphere, value for money and, most importantly, runner feedback. Hong Kong runners would be proud to be represented by this race.
最佳賽事 - 表揚該賽事總監和其一眾團隊,舉辦出一場最能代表香港以及最為香港跑手驕傲的賽事,包括賽事設計和補給站,比賽氣氛和跑手的正面回應。


1.  Moontrekker
The brainchild of Will Sergeant and positioned as a “gateway” event for new runners, Moontrekker is also a fun night-time alternative for seasoned trailies with 30K and 43K options, a tough back-end weighted course and the trademark finish line party. It has raised millions for charity since 2009.

Will Sergeant的心血結晶,定位為新手入門賽事,Moontrekker這個夜賽注入了很多有趣的元素,亦有30K43K的選擇。賽事有大公司贊助, 賽後派對格外精彩,自2009年以來,大會它已經籌得數百萬的善款。

2.  Country of Origin
This 30K trail course on Lantau Island is a unique event that pits teams of 3 against each other for international bragging rights. Whether you race it or aim to out-dress the competition, it has one of the most fun race atmospheres in Hong Kong. Race Director Nic Tinworth.


3.  TransLantau
What started as the Lantau 50 in 2012 now has 100K, 50K and 25K options and a distinctive 11:30pm night start. The course race is 80-90% trail, covers two country parks and finishes with a great seafront expo. The Race Director is Clement Dumont.

TransLantau 50 2012年面世 ,現在有100K, 50K 25K比賽路段,晚上11時半起跑。賽事路段覆蓋80-90%的越野路線,跨越兩個郊野公園。而完賽博覽於海邊舉行,風景優美,非常特

4.  Hong Kong 100
Hong Kong’s first solo 100K and the only Asian event on the Ultra Trail World Tour. Race Directors Janet Ng and Steve Brammar put on a well organised race with great atmosphere and checkpoints, a world class field and a great week of activities. 


5.  Oxfam Trailwalker
Oxfam Trailwalker is one of the largest fundraising sporting events in Hong Kong, having raised over HK$538 million since 1986. In 2016, some 5,500 participants entered this unique supported 100km team event over the Maclehose Trail to help fight poverty.


6.  The North Face 100
Features a wonderfully challenging route through the New Territories, excellent markings and checkpoints, and even a "Keith Noyes" shiggy special to finish. Potentially the best organised race in the TNF Asia Pacific Series with both the 100K and 50K options incredibly popular.

横跨新界地區所有極具挑戰性的路線,賽事路標和宣傳都非常出色。賽程尾段亦加入Keith Noyes 經典溪澗路段。整個TNF 系列,毫無疑問香港站是最受歡迎的,100k50k所有名額,可以15分鐘滿額。



Black Diamond Best New Race - Based on the same criteria as Best Race but for a race in its first or second year.
Black Diamond
最佳新賽事 - 和最佳賽事一樣,但必須為首兩年舉辦的新賽事。


1.  LBC Ladies Race
Lantau Base Camp created this unique event to encourage women and girls to start running in a safe environment as well as letting more experienced runners bond with each other, and it received lots of positive feedback from both female and male runners in its first year.


2.  9 Dragons Ultra
Race Director Steven Carr brought a brand new race concept to Hong Kong, packing back-to-back 50 mile and 50K races into a single weekend. The courses were creative and challenging, with some great social events organised around the race weekend.


3.  Ultra Trail Tai Mo Shan
Race Director Paul Wong’s new year's eve extravaganza has multiple distance options - 162K UTMT, 115K TTF and 50K YTF - and takes runners on a gorgeous journey through seven country parks, with great runner feedback on the course and organisation.


4.  XTE WAA NE50
A new twilight race for 2017, Race Director Felix Shum took runners on a magical course through Robin's Nest and Cloudy Hill in the New Territories, with a wonderful finish line atmosphere and great swag to boot. 50K and 25K options.


5.  Green Race Ultra
A new environmentally friendly trail race that featured 70K and 35K options, a challenging course with spectacular views, a fun race atmosphere, and a unique start-finish line at the Hong Lok Yuen Country Club. Martin Cai and Eti Rodriguez are the Race Directors.


6.  Tailwind Trail Chase
Another novel race concept, with Race Director Felix Shum getting runners to race a mixed road-trail course over Tai Mo Shan and hopefully beating the six elite chasers to the finish line. Great on course and finish atmosphere.




Ultimate Direction Best Trail Running Photo - This is the single image that best portrays or captures the spirit and beauty of the Hong Kong trails and its running community.

Ultimate Direction 最佳年度越野攝影照片新獎項


1.  Tommy Yuen
Vlad Ixel leading the 9 Dragons 50K in  2017 on top of Tai To Yan - February 2017.

Vlad Ixel20172月的9 Dragon 50K賽事於大都刃遙遙先。

2.  Radium Cheng
"No matter how hard it is, the finish line is on your side!"


3.  Sunny Lee
"This is one of my favourite photos from the summer of 2016. The sunrise silhouette of a runner [Jacky Leung] at Sunset, representing the running community exploring and enjoying the beautiful trails in Hong Kong."


4.  Jun Sat
"Welcome on board to John Air. We are ready to take off on the green runway." John Ellis at Green Race Ultra, April 2017.

正如John Ellis 20174月的The Green Race Utira歡迎來到John的大氣電波之中,我們已準備好於翠綠跑道中起跑。我們準備在綠色跑道上起飛。

5.  Lucien Chan
"The enjoyment - enjoy every moment of the run, keep smiling and moving. That is trail running!" Delphine Riche-Franz at MSIG Hong Kong 50 in October 2016.

這完全是享受,享受跑步的每分每秒,保持微笑,不斷向前,這就是越野跑精神! 201610月,香港MSIGHK 50Delphine Riche-Franz分享。

6.  Foto Mo (Elvis)
"Taken at Tai Mo Shan during The North Face 100, one of Hong Kong's hardest races and most iconic trails, with runners challenging the environment with great friendship, one of the most remarkable scenes in sports. Taken with tele lens with wireless flesh light to capture the beautiful sunset."

全港最艱辛越野山賽之一 The North Face 100 拍攝紀錄了,

7.  Jon Lee
Wong Ho Chung at The North Face 50 Hong Kong - December 2016.

黄浩冲在The North Face 50香港 站攝- 2016年12月。


Icebreaker Community Award - Awarded to an organiser, volunteer, sponsor or other stakeholder who has made a significant and lasting positive contribution to the Hong Kong trail running community by devoting their time, talents, expertise and passion over the past year.
最佳公益獎 - 表揚該組織者,志願者,贊助者或其他利益相關者,通過投入時間,才能,專業知識和熱情為香港越野跑界作出重大而持久的積極貢獻。


1.  Tim Bardwell
Trail races couldn’t happen without the teams of volunteers and Tim seems to be at all of them, particularly the Lantau events. Whether he’s running a check point or carting water, he’s got your back.


2.  Filipina Extreme Hikers
This group of dedicated trail enthusiasts were regular volunteers at races, cheering up and refueling tired runners, as well as organising multiple trail clean ups during the year, all for the love of nature.


3.  Virginie Goethals
Free To Run has had a major impact on the quality of life for many Hong Kong refugees by linking them up with the local running community. Virginie heads their Hong Kong activities and her drive, passion and personal generosity are simply amazing.

為一班香港難民能重拾自信,於香港生活更容易投入。Virginie帶領一班“Free To Run"團體参加香港不同活動,為他們安排一切。她的熱誠慷慨,不段投入,令大家專敬!

4.  Andre Blumberg
As the grand-daddy of Hong Kong ultra trail running, Andre needs no introduction, but it's really his selfless passion for trail running that is the focus, including founding the Hong Kong 4 Trails Ultra Challenge, cheering on runners with his signature cow bell, and sponsoring underprivileged regional runners. 


5.  Stone Tsang
Stone's commitment to the Hong Kong trail running covers so many facets, including as an incredible role model for aspiring runners, raising over $500,000 via his Hong Kong 4 Trails Ultra Challenge run, and starting the Concern Group on Concretization of Hong Kong Natural Trails.


6.  Doug Treasure
Doug is one of the leaders of the Hong Kong Hiking Meetup group, a great social forum for new trail runners and hikers, as well as a regular volunteer at race checkpoints and trail clean ups.



Altra Lifetime Achievement Award - Recognising a runner, organiser, volunteer or other stakeholder's outstanding contribution to the Hong Kong trail running scene over a sustained period of time. Can be awarded posthumously.
終生成就獎 - 表揚該運動員,組織者,志願者或其他利益相關者,長時間對香港越野跑有突出的貢獻。該獎項亦接受追悼。


Keith Noyes
Keith took over the Three Mountain Marathon series in 1998, adding two new courses, and working full-time on race directing for the next 10 years despite some tough times, and has been instrumental in the growth and success of our sport over the past two decades.

2.  Li Wai On 李維安
Wai On is the cherished and long-time leader of the famous Kin Hang Hiking Club. He’s been a rock of support for experienced and new trailies alike, organising Sunday hiking and training routes for the public for years, and instrumental in the club supporting many trail events.

3.  Janet Ng
A fabulous runner in her own right (who still holds the women's team record at Trailwalker), Janet started the iconic Hong Kong 100, Hong Kong's first solo 100K, in 2011 and set off a proliferation of other ultra races and which led to huge growth in trail running. She has also been working hard on better representation for Hong Kong trail runners.

4.  Stone Tsang 曾小強
Stone has been a role model for local aspiring runners for over a decade, and really put Hong Kong trail running on the map with two top 10 finishes in the Ultra Trail World Tour. He has also supported other runners with numerous sharing sessions, has raised significant funds for youth sporting charities, and continues to fight for more natural trails.

5.  Murray Maclehose
Governor Maclehose enacted the 1976 Country Parks Ordinance, which had established 21 country parks by 1979. Hong Kong's vibrant trail running scene could not possibly exist without this visionary pioneering environmentalist.



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