60 Second Q&A with FEREI Ambassador Isaac Yuen

Posted on June 08 2017

60 Second Q&A with FEREI Ambassador Isaac Yuen

Today we chat with Ferei's Isaac Yuen, who has really burst onto the trail running scene in the past couple years, culminating in strong win at HK168 and an excellent third place at the Asia Trail Master Championships in 2016. Go Isaac!

1. Where do you live and where are you from?

I  was born and raised in Hong Kong. I live near Tseung Kwan O where it is accessible to various natural trails, hills and flat roads.

2. Why did you get into trail running?

Like many people, I started racing in the HK Standard Chartered Marathon, from 10K towards full marathon. Up until 2014 I was just a casual runner, I trained and ran for one race per year. In that year, I met friends from Kin Hang Hiking Group and joined Oxfam Trailwalker. Since then I started attending various trail running and ultra-running races.

3. Favourite race so far?

Round the Island by AVOHK. This was my first ultra-trail race. I love off-road running and RTI can discover backyard of the city.

4. Dream race?

Many. Badwater, Spartathlon, MDS, Western States, Dragon’s Back, etc. My ultimate goal is to complete a Ultra-Trail World Tour season in competitive form.  

5. Best trail racing result?

I’m not particularly good in single ultra-race but I would choose second runner-up ranking in Asia Trail Master Series as my best achievement so far. I traveled and met some talented runners across South Asia region, and also experienced their unique running culture.

6. Best trail memory?

Raleigh Challenge in 2014. I was still a rookie and knew very little about ultras by that time. I didn’t plan for a supporting team and ran alone for the first half. Then few forerunners pull out due to hot weather or sickness. My running buddies knew I led the race and came out to support me in mid-night. Accompanied me to complete the race.

7. Advice for beginners?

Focus. You see professional athletes only do few races a season. In Hong Kong, we are fortunate to have numerous choices of races and almost having weekly ultra-races in peak season. However, sometime you have to wisely structure the races to tune the best body conditions and avoid injuries.

8. Your favourite piece of trail running kit or nutrition?

I've tasted numerous gels/bar/supplements and found the best suit me is Tailwind. It is natural, flavoured and doesn’t cost discomfort in distance racing. Bottom line is you need to mix with proper dilution.

9. What it means to you to be a Ferei ambassador?

I’m glad to be part of Ferei as an ambassador. Ferei is a professional LED sport light manufacturing company and has developed many quality and affordable products for outdoor sports. Ferei sponsored some world-class trail runners and it is a motivation for me in my ultra career.








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