60 second Q&A with Salomon runner and Tailwind Trailblazer Jacky Leung

Posted on April 27 2017

60 second Q&A with Salomon runner and Tailwind Trailblazer Jacky Leung

He really doesn't need an introduction as one of the nicest guys in Hong Kong trail running, and one of the fastest and most fashionable as well. Here we chat with the one and only Jacky Leung.

Photo credit: Sunny Lee

1. Where do you live and where are you from?
A: I live in New Territories West and I am from Hong Kong
2. Why did you get into trail running?

A lot of questions came to my mind about why people only had two bottles of water to run through all of Pat Sin Leng during hiking practice. Then, I started running to try to find the answer!

3. Favourite race so far?
Favourite solo race is Translantau 100km for me, while Oxfam Trailwalker is my favourite team race.
4. Dream race?
5. Best trail racing result?
HK100 2017 in 11:49.
6. Best trail memory?
During Oxfam Trailwalker in 2016, I got to share the trails with my good Salomon friends Jeremy, Claire and Tom. This was one of my dreams that I never expected to come true. Also, it was very smooth for our mental and physical conditions during the whole journey and a good reference of feeling for controlling my races afterwards.
7. Advice for beginners?
Try to get yourself into systematic and well-planned training under the guidance of a good running coach. Learn all running basic knowledge from coaches, books or online resources. Find good and positive running partners to support each other and helping to meet every little target in terms of speed and time. Learn more about proper recovery and to form your own training-recovery balanced lifestyle. Race healthily with proper annual race and training schedule. 
8. Your favourite Tailwind flavour?
Berry and Green Tea.
9. What it means to you to be a Tailwind Trailblazer?

It's a good sharing of my trail running experience to people with similar body condition as mine. Also, Tailwind gave me good energy supply and good experience of running especially in long distances running or racing. It prevents running stomach issues nowadays during training and ultra races.


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