Need to Crush a Mountain?, Janine Tells you how!

Posted on November 06 2020

Need to Crush a Mountain?, Janine Tells you how!


We recently asked another of our Gone Running/Joint Dynamics Team, Janine Canham to give her verdict on the ALTRA Olympus 4 which she recently bought. Janine you will remember, tackled the World Marathon Challenge ie 7 Marathons on 7 Continents in 7 Days early in the year. Seems like a completely different era now but this is her verdict on the shoes!

"I bought Altra’s newly released Olympus 4 after reading a review written by Jeff Campbell, one of my Gone Running-Joint Dynamics team mates. If it can make him run fast, I thought it might help transform me into a super speedy trail runner too. After running in these shoes a few times, I can report that it does not perform miracles and has not turned me into an elite athlete. However, it does do a lot of the things Jeff said it does and now it’s up to me to get back into training mode!

Firstly,  Altras do look clunky. And the Olympus 4 is no exception. It’s not the sexiest looking trail shoe I have seen. But what it lacks in looks it way than makes up for in comfort. It’s a superbly lovely fit. You could spend all day running in it. I struggle with finding shoes that don’t hurt my feet, due to a rather inconvenient bunion on one foot. So I need a shoe with a wider toe box. Usually these end up being heavy and slow. The Olympus 4 is neither.

It is light and speedy. Unlike some other brands, it feels stable on uneven terrain and rocks. The Vibram MegaGrip sole gives you a really good grip on wet slippery trails. The shoes feel good to run in. Quite often, a comfortable shoe is one I would choose to hike in or take the dogs for a walk, but this is one pair that I would love to race in – now I just need races to resume so I can test them out in competition.

I read one review that said “ “I’d call the Olympus 4 a sports car in a monster truck package.” So far, I would tend to agree."

The Blue Version we are featuring this month as the Model of The Month in the Store, so drop in and take a look. 

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